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24 Nov 2021
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Vacation Tips

Learn about Riviera Maya before you leave home. 

It's been over 25 years since LocoGringo started helping travelers know all the ins and outs of navigating Quintana Roo's coastline. Here are this year's best reads about everything Akumal. 


New Travel Requirements For Entering the U.S. From Riviera Maya

Details about the new international travel requirements from the CDC as of Nov. 8, 2021

Grocery shopping

Grocery Shopping in Riviera Maya

Find out which is the best place to get your groceries when visiting Riviera Maya. 

Grocery Shopping in Half Moon Bay

Where to buy groceries on Half Moon Bay in Akumal. 

Souvenirs In Akumal

Where to find beautiful hand-crafted and authentic Mexican-made souvenirs in Akumal. 

How to get around Akumal

How Do I Get Around Akumal?

Walk, bike, golf cart or car rental? Find out which is the best form of transportation for your upcoming trip to Akumal. 

Do I Need A Car Rental In Akumal?

Find out if you need to rent a car for your upcoming trip to Akumal. 


The Akumal Money Blog

Learn about the local currency, the available forms of payment in Akumal and Riviera Maya, and how to get a better bang for your buck.

Riviera Maya Tipping Guide

When in Akumal do as the locals do and make sure to tip! Learn how much, who and when to tip in Riviera Maya.


Where to Find Akumal’s Best Restaurants in 2021

7 Beachfront Restaurants and More Delicious Eateries to visit in Akumal

Akumal's Best Beachfront Restaurants With A View

Just in time for the New Year here are the best beachfront restaurants in town for 2021. 

Pancakes In Akumal

Where to find the best pancakes and breakfast in Akumal.

Beach Clubs In Akumal 

Akumal's most popular beach clubs are surprisingly chill and family-friendly too. 


How To Daytrip In Akumal Bay 

Visiting Riviera Maya in 2021? Here’s the inside scoop on how to plan a day trip to Akumal Bay. 


The Day Spa You May Not Know Of But Should 

This day spa in Riviera Maya is an experience worth planning a whole day trip to Akumal. 

Deep-Sea Fishing In Akumal

Go deep-sea fishing with Locogringo and dine on your very own catch at the local fisherman's cove in Akumal.

Sailing Adventures In Akumal  

Discover a whole new sense of freedom as you sail over the Caribbean Sea off the Riviera Maya coastline with Akumal Dive Shop. 

Top Site For First Time SCUBA Divers 

Learn why Akumal is one of the best places to get your open water certification.

Explore The Mayan Ruins Near Akumal

Riviera Maya is famous for its spectacular beaches and also its rich cultural heritage of ancient civilizations. 

5 Must-See Ruins That Are Not Tulum

Travelers staying in Akumal can easily visit these fascinating archeological sites during their trip. 

Best Non-Beach Activities In Akumal 

This small village by the sea offers travelers much more than beautiful beachfront vacation rentals. 

Cenotes To Search For In Akumal 

5 Must-See Cenotes if you're staying in Akumal 2021.


What To Do In Akumal This Holiday Season 

Find out why Akumal is one of the most popular destinations in Riviera Maya. 

Get Ready For Your Vacation 

4 things to do before you take off so you can make the most of your vacation.

Travel Checklist 

Where to and not to park in Akumal Bay or downtown Akumal with Akumal Direct Reservations. 

Parking in Akumal

While nobody wants to plan it, it's good to know where to find medical care in Akumal.

The Akumal Medical Center 

While nobody wants to plan it, it's good to know where to find medical care in Akumal.

What foods can you pack to travel to Mexico? 

Start your trip to Mexico right and avoid packing any of these foods before traveling.

Footwear To Bring To Riviera Maya

Read this before packing for your upcoming trip to Akumal. 

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