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The little things we are missing, like meeting our friends for a laugh and a drink on the beach. To honor those evenings on the beach, toes in the sand, here is a classic and unmatched Margarita recipe provided by Thomas Reagan, original founder of Turtle Bay Cafe and legendary host.

Mexico snacks

Mexican snacks are abundant. There are salty, crunchy, sour and sweet options that most North Americans have never heard of. We can report that they are really, really good, but once you try them, they do become addictive.

Aguas Frescas

These five drinks; tepache, aquas frescas, pulque, mexcal and of course, tequila are traditional drinks define Mexican culture, and are woven into local historical events

Tacos on beach

There are hundreds of taco styles and recipes out there, but one simple ingredient added to your taco recipe can make all the difference; avocado leaves.

Isla Mujeres

Don’t be fooled by its small size! The Caribbean island of Isla Mujeres is a top Mexico foodie destination, offering some of the very best restaurants in the region. With options like lavish brunches, freshly-caught seafood, flavorful Yucatecan cuisine, and some wonderfully refreshing tropical cocktails, Isla Mujeres boasts excellent eateries throughout the island.