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Quiet Costa Maya Beaches and Remote Towns

The Costa Maya is a stretch of pristine Caribbean coastline with a small but growing tourism focus. Located south of the Riviera Maya, Costa Maya visitors will find lower prices, less crowds and a focus on sustainable tourism. It’s an adventurer’s paradise, rewarding those who dare to venture beyond the tourist trail. Find uncrowded Costa Maya beaches, sparkling lagoons, great diving and world-class fishing.

The Laid-Back Towns of the Costa Maya

Looking for things to do in Costa Maya?Hang out in the remote town of Xcalak sharing a cold beer and some stories with the locals. Xcalak is a great base for fly-fishing, sport fishing, snorkeling or dive trips, all of which can be arranged through various tour companies or local hotels. If you are looking for a little bit of action, swing by the town of Mahahual in the Costa Maya. This fishing village is growing rapidly to support the influx of cruise ships docking at their deep water pier. Local businesses support the small but vibrant tourist center, but many visitors choose to walk the a beachfront malecon first so they can take in the authentic Caribbean feel in this Costa Maya town. For something completely different and off the beach, venture to Lago Bacalar (Bacalar Lake), where you will find old Spanish forts, the lake of seven colors and more fresh water activities. The town of Bacalar located off the shores of the lake, sees very few tourists, as most prefer to stick to the accommodation and facilities surrounding the lagoon.


Get Out On (or under) the Water

It’s all about the water in this part of Mexico, either fly-fishing on the salt water flats, deep-sea sport fishing on the Caribbean, or diving the world’s second largest barrier reef and the Chinchorro Banks. The best part about this untouched piece of paradise is its peaceful atmosphere. You won’t come across any crowds here, either on the water or in town, which makes for a uniquely relaxing vacation far from the tourism found in the Riviera Maya.

Ancient Ruins and History

The Mayan archaeological zones of Chacchoben, Dzibanche, Kohunlich, Becan and Chicanna are located in the Costa Maya. You won’t have to battle the tour bus crowd here, as these sites are lesser known. Having a Mayan ruin site to yourself is pretty special and lets you explore in more detail, the history of the Maya. Visit the Fortress de San Felipe Bacalar, built in 1729 to protect the pueblo of Bacalar from pirates. During the Caste War, the fort was used to defend the town against the Mayans who won their rightful land from the Spanish invaders. The fort has a musuem, a recap of local history and the events of the famous Caste War.

Getting to Towns and Villages in the Costa Maya

Head south from Tulum town on the 307 highway, and you will pass through the town of Felipe Carillo Puerto, about an hours drive. Continue south for 45 minutes (about 65 kilometers) then take the left turn towards the towns of Xcalak and Mahuhual. For Bacalar, continue south along the 307 until you reach the Bacalar pueblo. The Costa Maya is still a lesser traveled area on the tourist trail of the Caribbean coast. This is precisely what makes it so special. For a unique vacation away from the more populated tourism destinations, check out this pristine natural environment. With so many things to do in Costa Maya, many think of it and the Costa Maya beaches as their heaven on earth.