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Maya Ruins and Archaeological Sites

Follow the footsteps of Maya priests, brave Spanish conquistadors, and 19th century adventurers who climbed the very same steps. Deep in the Yucatan jungle lie the remains of ancient Maya cities that many call the “Egypt of the Americas.” The Maya ruins of the Yucatan are awe-inspiring and provide a deeper understanding of Mexican history. The allure of Ancient Times Mexico’s rich and mysterious past is still visible in the amazing ancient ruins scattered throughout the country. Visit impressive towering pyramids in the Yucatan Peninsula to elaborate ancient cities found in Coba, that the Mayan heritage continues to draw millions of tourists from across the globe.

Maya Ruins

To help you extend your travels beyond the Yucatan and Riviera Maya, we have shared our experience in the remote Maya ruin sites in southern and western locations. When traveling to the Riviera Maya, you will have a wealth of INAH ruins to visit, ranging from the Tulum ruins overlooking the Caribbean Sea to Chichen Itza, the 8th wonder of the world!

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Tulum ruins

The greatest attraction at the Tulum Ruins is its location. The Caribbean views continue to be described as spectacular and breath-taking.

Coba ruins

Archaeologists believe Cobá is one of the most important sites on the Yucatan Peninsula as this city had a very different purpose.

Uxmal Ruins

This UNESCO Mayan ruin site is less crowded than others and with an overnight stay at local hotels, you can fully enjoy the Uxmal experience