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Museums in the Riviera Maya, Yucatan and Costa Maya

Museums in the Yucatan Peninsula focus on art, culture, history and how it relates to the Maya. The museums listed here are some of the most popular ones, but by no means is it an exhaustive list.

Like any city or region, there are government funded and privately owned museums. We have stumbled upon some fascinating museums on small country roads, and hunted down niche museums in Merida that have sporatic hours.

The museums listed here are a great starting point for understanding the local culture, history and influences. They have predictable hours that you can work into your vacation. As you continue to visit the region and dig deeper, we are happy to share the obscure and fascinating museums that can be found so you can experience and learn more about the fascinating history that has shaped the Yucatan Peninsula.

Interesting City Museums That Enhance Your Vacation

Our travel guides written by locals highlight some of the city and regional museums that coordinate well with your travels and day trips. Valladolid has various small museums and some Mayan archaeological sites also house small museums though these are live museums themselves. Municipal buildings host small city museums and historical explanations that are worth popping into.

Bottom line is, popular museums are just the starting point of your journey to understand this complex location that has just begun to document the influences that have shaped its culture, people and environment.

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view of building in mexico with beautiful mosaic tiles

Travel a little south of Tulum, go a little inland off the coast, just a little bit out of the tourist zone and engage history. The “Ruta de las Iglesias” or “Church Route” journeys through Mayan communities working to protect their rich legacy and cultural identity.