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Explore Rich History, Culture and Natural Beauty

The Riviera Maya is rich in history, culture and natural beauty. There really is so much to see throughout the Yucatan Penninsula. Our concierge service can recommend just the right tour for you or help you create a private tour organized around your interests and schedule.

Explore Mayan ruins and local villages. Find great food or take a cooking class. Paddle board through tropical lagoons, snorkel hidden cenotes or find an empty beach. Here are a few of our favorite area experiences. Contact our concierge for information on these tours and so many more.

Outdoor Experiences & Eco Tourism

To ensure their protection and survival for years to come, many of our more sensitive and pristine areas, like the Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve, only allow a certain number of visitors per day, and only with professional and certified guides. These are magical places that will change the way you see the world.

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Private, Customized Tours

Design your ideal day. What would you like to do today? Let us arrange a private driver while you sit back and relax, see everything on your bucket list. A perfect opportunity for wedding parties or family reunions to have a customized experience while creating memories along the way. For private tours during the holiday and winter season we recommend reservations well in advance.

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Ancient Mayan Ruins, Living Culture and Traditions

This is the land of the Maya. Grand and impressive ruins and the remains of everyday life of a once great civilization are all around us. Beyond the major ruin sites, there are many smaller very impressive sites to see. Experiences include exploring cenotes, junles and modern Mayan villages where everyday life and traditions have persevered for millennia.

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Yacht and sailing trips

Experience the Riviera Maya in unparalleled style with a yacht or catamaran trip. Cruise the stunning turquoise waters, bask in the sun, and revel in the coastal views. 

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The Yucatan, Traditional Pueblos, Food and Artisans

The Yucatan is known for its exceptionally friendly people and rich cultural traditions. We know people that can take you :) Visit area churches, monestaries, haciendas and more. Along the way do some shopping among local and traditional artisans and co-ops.

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The Food Here is Special! Experiences for Foodies

Are you a street food junky? Or are you interested learning how to make traditional Mexican dishes? We can arrange a small-group food tour or cooking classes with local chefs in the area. It is a fun way to indulge in the flavors of Mexico and create delicious memories of your trip. Reservations are required. 

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