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Just another reason to love it here! Carnaval is an official Mexican holiday. A five-day celebration prior to the start of Catholic lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday. Commencing the weekend before Ash Wednesday, Carnaval is an exuberant celebration of parades, music, dancing, floats and...

Holbox Artist Fair

The streets of downtown Isla Mujeres always offer souvenir shops with colorful merchandise displayed in their doorways and along their sidewalks, creating a vibrant hub for purchasing seashells, Maya-inspired dresses, sarongs, and endless other options to take home from your stay on the island.

Dias de los muertos

This holiday is celebrated in the Riviera Maya but local events are not announced until the day before or the day of. What is a guarantee for this celebration is Xcaret’s Festival of Life and Death, an evening event explains the history, cultural aspects and celebrations of this national festival day.