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Palenque has been described as the New York City of the Mayan ruins and I am inclined to agree. With its dramatic rain forest backdrop and such structures as the Aqueduct, the Palace and Pakal’s Tomb it is arguably the most impressive site. I visited Palenque on an overcast July morning which turned out to be a most fortuitous day weather-wise. While the clouds kept the sun from beating me all day, the mist hanging in the early air added to the mysterious feel of the ruins. Howler monkeys sounding off in the distance were almost eerie. Palenque is an amazing place to add to your “bucket list.”

We all know the culinary term farm to table, or the sustainable food term, buy local, but we hope that you start adopting Hive to Table when on vacation in the Riviera Maya. Mayan families are great cultivators of honey from a local stingless bee called the Melipona. Honey production has a long history in Tulum, and today is helping to build family businesses. Using Yucatan honey shows support for local bee keepers. Knowing the history and cultural significance of the stingless bee makes that teaspoon of honey the best honey you have ever tasted.

We have become addicted to Mexican baseball. Yup that’s right Mexican baseball. Who would have thunk? Friends of ours who live in Cancun asked us if we wanted to come up for a game. For years we could not find the time. This year we decided to take the plunge and have not looked back since. For Minor League Baseball, I have to say, there are some great players and the games are really good.