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Not only is Suenos Tulum a stunning hotel situated along the sugar white sand beach of Tulum, it is also the ideal location for those searching for privacy, seclusion and social distance.

Pesos withdrawal

There are a lot of practical tips out there about credit card exchange rates, etc. but our local take is this… Cash is great for day to day expenses. Credit cards perfect for large payments (hotel bills) Cash is necessary in small villages and towns if you are traveling outside the popular tourist cities.

Isla Mujeres Coast Shells

Sometimes the very best tours are the ones we create for ourselves. On Isla Mujeres, all you need is a golf cart! Golf carts are a top form of transportation around this tiny Caribbean island, and visitors can easily rent them out to explore the culture, cuisine, and beauty packed into the beach-and-cliff coastline. So… how’s it done?


By now, most of our travelers are familiarized with the Sargasso term., which is a brown type of seaweed. A couple of years ago started to arrive at the Mexican Caribbean and not in a “friendly” little by little way.