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A tamale is a corn dough that is wrapped around roasted meat, fish, cheese or vegetables.Find out more about this classic Mexican treat and where to find them in the Riviera Maya.


With over 900 restaurants in Playa del Carmen, it is can be hard to decide where to eat. Though we don’t live in Playa del Carmen, our home base in the Riviera Maya is Akumal, we do regularly go to Playa to enjoy some favorite...

Anyone who has spent any time at all in Playa del Carmen can tell you that there are hundreds (nearly 800 to be more precise) restaurants and eateries to choose from in this eclectic city. It would be nearly impossible for any one person to try them all, especially since some in the fickle tourist zone seem to be reinvented on a yearly basis. We certainly have a lot of choices when it comes to what we are going to dine on and where we are going to do it. Playa has everything from top notch American style steak houses to sushi bars to taco carts and everything in between! It’s almost overwhelming sometimes when I try to decide what to eat! There is so much to choose from and yet, it seems there are some places I return to time after time. Inspired by my pal Tacogirl and her Top Ten Lists, I decided to break out with a Top Ten of my own: Top Ten Cheap Eats in Playa del Carmen. These are arranged in no particular order as they all seem to fit a different need in my personal feeding schedule.

Dining at The Kitchen Table in Tulum is an “inside-out” gastronomic experience. The staff slice, dice, roll, shape, flambe, boil, and sauté fresh, local ingredients in full view of the customers. An “honest” approach to cooking that allows customers to share in the experience.

The Mayan Riviera offers great food and restaurant options for vegetarians and vegans. From fresh fruits, vegetables and smoothies to wonderful restaurants in Tulum