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SCUBA diving akumal

LocoGringo knows our readers want the inside scoop so we spoke with the Akumal Dive Center who shared details about the ramped-up efforts to maintain Covid at bay.

Just a little indulgence on Half Moon Bay, A favorite, the lovely Villa Fortuna. Read more about why we love this luxury villa and recent reviews.
After purchasing Villa Fortuna in 2018, the new owners committed themselves to thoughtfully crafting a true

The Tulum ruins have extended hours until 7:00 PM. This means you can now visit the ruins during sunset hours. So memorable!

Explore cenotes

If you are unfamiliar with cenotes (say-note-tay) then you need to check these off the beach location out! They are a sneak peak into the diverse ecosystem of the Riviera Maya and a ton of fun. They are fresh water systems that are cooler than the sea, are are shallow and a great place to start snorkeling if you are a beginner.