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29 Apr 2021
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Summer is finally here and with it come lighter clothing and swimwear but let's face it, 2020 was not kind to our figures. The average American gained around half a pound every 10 days during a nationwide stay-at-home shelter and is now facing the reality of having to get back in shape. Especially, those ready to head for the beach. 

Locogringo spoke with Houston-based nutritionist Priscilla Barrera about her recent trip to Riviera Maya, how to jumpstart a healthy regimen and getting back in shape. A beach lover, mom, and lifestyle coach, Priscilla has helped some of the most elite personalities in Texas and the southern U.S. get back into their pre-COVID figures. 

1. Thoughts, Visualization, and Words

Words give actions power and it is important to keep a positive state of mind in order to achieve your goals. Rather than saying, "I have to lose weight," think "I will be at the beach this summer in my favorite swimwear." Barrera's advice is to think SMART when setting goals making sure they're Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timeable. 

2. Utilize Rituals and Routines

Create healthy morning and bedtime rituals that will help you stay on track with your program. Simple practices such as drinking a glass of water prior to caffeinated drinks help keep the body hydrated. We lose up to 1.2 liters of water just from respiration and perspiration so be sure to drink around 8 glasses of water every day. 

3. Three Apples a Day Keep the Lb's Away

Research has proven that people who ate 3 small apples during the day felt more satisfied and were able to lose weight. Apples contain both soluble and insoluble fibers which help curb cravings throughout the day. 

4. Sustainable Energy

Macronutrients and antioxidants found in spices help your metabolism create sustainable energy that will, in turn, help you maintain a healthy approach to weight loss. Adding cinnamon to apples is a great way to add a tasty burst of energy to your snack. Other important macronutrients can be found in macha, cacao, and spirulina which can be easily added to your daily recipes. 

5. Have a Plan with these Basic Elements

Having a vision is key to getting in shape, that said Priscilla did emphasize the importance of ensuring to create a plan that includes movement, a healthy lifestyle approach, plenty of rest, and flexibility. Once you've set a goal find a health partner, plan ahead, carry snacks and be sure to eat. Studies have proven that people who follow these guidelines achieve and maintain results longer. 

Looking for more information on how to get ready for the beach or how to get in touch with Priscilla? Contact us and we'll be more than happy to connect with you and help you get your upcoming vacation countdown started.