Wild at Heart On the Southern Mexican Shores of the Caribbean Sea

So you have been reviewing your travel bucket list and realized that you have been fortunate enough to hit all the pueblos, villages, cities and towns in the Riviera Maya. If this is you, you might want to consider a new Mexican location for your getaway. The Costa Maya is four hours from the Cancun airport and a true step back in time. We have been traveling there for over 15 years and love this area for a change in pace.

Coconut groves, few English speakers, small hotels and small restaurants, unpaved roads and uncrowded Mayan archeological sites is what defines this area south of Tulum. The beautiful blue turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and soft powdery white beaches are a staple in this area just like the Riviera Maya.

Local Travel Guides for Costa Maya


We have been singing the praises of this area longer than most. This article guides you through 72 hours in Mahahual, the largest and most popular seaside village in the Costa Maya. Another of our travel writings highlights Mahahual Essentials for the first, or second time traveler to the area.

Small Hotels are Your Best Option

Vacation rentals and condos are few and far between in this area. Small hotels are a wonderful option for your first stay as you discover the area. We love the hospitality of local hotels and their staff who are really passionate about where they live.

These are our listings of hotels in the Costa Maya area.

Xcalak Is Still a Personal Favorite of Ours


We have friends in Xcalak so our visits are always really personal, and a ton of fun. With the new brewery and still created by our friends, it seems our time in this tiny fishing village is even better.

Xcalak is heaven for sport fisherman, and has been the place of many Gran Slams. Costa de Cocos is the place to stay and fish with their passionate and knowledgeable local guides. The instant community around the dinner table at Costa de Cocos is hard to find in other locations. It is this personal experience, that has some many people return.

Unplug, Disconnect and Chill on the Coast of Costa Maya

We can try and explain til the cows come home how unique and beautiful this getaway is. Really, it needs to be experienced. If you are curious, give us a call. We are happy to explain all the wild and wonderful things that make the Costa Maya a trip worth taking, a place worth exploring.

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