Vegan Market in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is one of the favorite places to stay at during holidays. You kind of get the best of both world; you have great malls without giving up beautiful and natural scenarios. It is also amazing to see that it keeps growing and improving the services for travelers and food choices. Now with the importance of pleasing every different taste, Vegan travelers get more and more options every year. We are sure you have heard about Tulum Vegan Fest by now. But there is another Vegan event created by locals that welcomes everybody. The Playa del Carmen Vegan Market reunites local vendors, friendly and family ambience and of course; lots of delicious food.

The Strength Of An Ideal

Alin Padilla Cancun

Alin Padilla Macías has been the person in charge of the organization for every Vegan Market. It usually started in Cancun but as the Vegan and Vegetarian population is growing, so was the need to expand the event. Alin Padilla has a lot of background as an ambassador of Animal welfare. She was originally part of the project Tierra de Animales which is probably the most important animal shelter in Quintana Roo. She is also proudly co-owning the Combi Vegan food truck, now locally famous for its Choripanes, Tacos and Tortas. She continues working nonstop with her family and friends to bring new projects in Riviera Maya that support Vegan lifestyle and Animal protection.

What To Expect At The Vegan Market

Viva Los Vegans

You don´t need us to tell you that all the food vendors have delicious options. Lots of tacos, tamales, sandwiches, cookies, cakes, donuts, brownies, etc. All the Mexican options in vegan version but without losing their traditional flavors. You can also find organic and vegan cosmetics, body lotions and hygiene products. The conferences are a must especially if you are not sure about the mixed information you get on the Internet. For this 4th edition you can learn how to grow your own vegetables. Music will be present, Samuel Morrison will play ethnic and ancestral music at 4:00pm. There will be lots of handmade souvenirs, clothes and goodies for your pets. You can request a practice guide on how to start a Vegan diet and improve your health. The Vegan Market is strongly focused on planet protection and decrease the usage of plastic. This is why the organizing team kindly request visitors to bring their own plates and cups or containers for the food. There will also be stands providing paper plates and cups at a low cost.

Where And When

La Ceiba PDC

You are more than welcome to join this magnificent event. Be prepared to make lots of friends and try really tasty food. You can bring your kids and even your pets since it is a 100% pet friendly event. You don’t have to be Vegan or Vegetarian, the Vegan Market is all about spending a great afternoon among locals. The upcoming Vegan Market will take place at La Ceiba Park this Saturday February 4th and from 2:00 pm until 8:00pm. Part of the goals of the Vegan Market is to raise awareness about the pollution. So we strongly recommend you to bring your own plates, cups or food containers (trust us, you will be purchasing food to go).

If you didn’t have enough good reasons to attend the next Vegan Market, remember you are also supporting local economy while you are part of the Mexican culture. If you are interested in volunteering, visit or donating to the local animal shelters don´t forget to contact us: [email protected]  We can also provide helpful information on the best Vegan, Vegetarian restaurants or bars. Anything that helps creating the best Vegan holiday for you!

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