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Our favorites from the Riviera Maya
Our most popular blog posts on the Local Scoop blog are our recipes, recipes inspired by living in the Riviera Maya. Part of every travel experience is digging into local foods and experiencing local flavors. Discovering Food’s place in history, geography, language, culture, and society fascinates us as much as the local Mayan ruins and colonial towns.

Take a delicious look at the Riviera Maya

Eat Your Way through the Riviera Maya is one of many ebooks available for free from Loco Gringo. We have matched local recipes with Riviera Maya destinations so you can create these dishes at home or while you are on vacation. This Mayan proverb sums up how the local culture feels about food and the importance it plays in their community.
Nya b’a’n tu’n t-xi tewin chib’aj cye tuliy, ku’n ajo chib’aj b’e’x cy-elil× chuk-ix. It is not good to hide good food from visitors because it will turn into mush.

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Our time in the Riviera Maya is worth sharing, and sharing is something we love to do.

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People who love to eat are always the best people. – Julia Child
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