Family vacations & food memories! Riviera Maya food memories

When I think of New York my first memory is a salted Pretzel. When I think of Chicago I am reminded of the most wonderful dinner I have ever had. Montreal always seems ot remind me of poutine. Vacations create adventure memories and food memories. The food memories seem to be the ones we recall first and adventures second LOL!

For your kids, food memories can be a great way to make a vacation rock! It keeps things simple and opens them up to new experiences. The Riviera Maya is so diverse it opens the entire family up to new and unique food experiences that are guaranteed to build wonderful family vacation memories.

Dessert first! Mexico does it right when it comes to the sweet stuff!

popsicles in the Riviera maya

This is an all time favorite and will get one serving of fruit into a little belly. Homemade fruit popsicles are easy to find and more delicious to eat. Choose from watermelon, melon, banana, coconut, lime, papaya, pineapple and more! Pick from fruit ice or chow down on the fruit ice cream bars!

Not just a sandwich!

food in the Riviera Maya

Ohh laa laa! A sandwich is not just a sandwich anymore. With a diverse set of food cultures in the Riviera Maya you have lots of different sandwiches to choose from and even more diverse fillings to keep you excited about this lunch time treat! If you are dying for a P &J that can be found as well! In Spanish a sandwich is a torta, and will be big, filling and can be eaten in-house or on the go! Pulled pork is a big street food and your kids will love it! You might even be able to have some new ingredients piled into the sandwich that they would not try at home! 🙂

Fresh Fruit drinks on the fly!

food in the Riviera Maya

Aguas frescas are made each day and a refreshing drink at meal time or just on their own. When you need to keep your kids hydrated for 7 days straight, adding some agua frescas to the mix will have them drinking more than they normally do! Our favorite is Horchata, a rice milk drink with cinnamon. Our second favorite is the jamaica agua fresca, with tangerine third. Pineapple, pina colada, melon, orange and lime are popular favorites as well. They are served out of glass jugs or found at Flor de Michocan. Careful you may crave these when you get home!

Tacos, Salbutes, Tostadas and Mexican traditional dishes

Tostada in the Riviera Maya

There are some variations of the taco depending on the culture that designed them. Mexican tacos are soft corn tortillas filled with different meats or seafood. Salbutes are the Mayan version of a taco where the tortilla is slightly deep-fried and served up with different fillings. Tostadas are a hard tortilla with different toppings. Each ‘taco’ is a bit different and will depend on the region. All are worth sampling, and worth the experience. Remember, hot salsa can be added. Tacos do not come spicy, you create your own spice experience so kids can try different tacos without the worry of spicy chilis.

Fruit, fruit and more fruit

Mango on a stick making it great kid food in the Riviera maya

Food can create as may memories if not more than an activity or destination

When we travel out of Mexico, I admit I crave some of my daily foods that are not found in other destinations. When we go to New York, the first thing I seek out is a great latte and a pretzel. If I am walking the street in another city and smell roasted chicken I am brought back to a vacation memory, a time and place where I had the best chicken ever! Vacation memories are priceless and food memories help in build your vacation excellence! Try something new, try something you have never seen before. It could end up being your best vacation memory.


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The Mexican culture makes it easy for people to grab food on the go. Fruit is no expection and I am amazed at the creativity that goes into making fruit easy to eat and easy to travel with. This mango is a great example of how fruit will be appealing to someone, and kids for sure. The mango is put on a stick and cut so that bites are easily taken and there is little juice drip. In my case that means little mess! Love this and when I see a mango on a stick or in a cup I have to have one. Thank goodness it is good for you or I may be in trouble!

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