Eat Good, Feel Good Restaurants in the Riviera Maya

Eat Good, Feel Good Restaurants in the Riviera Maya

Worn down from work? Need a boost from long days? We suspect this is why you are going on vacation. It is so easy to over eat when away from home. Diving into local food, trying new cocktails, digging into the authentic Mexican dishes you have seen posted on Instragram. Taco comas are easily to fall into when you come to the Riviera Maya.

Eat Good, Feel Good Restaurants in the Riviera Maya

But is that what you really need during your vacation? Most of us would say, heck ya! It is hard to get authentic Mexican food anywhere else in the world. Living in the Riviera Maya could easily put us in a taco coma for a life time, and happily, but we also know that our body is our temple as needs a good vacation as much as our mind does. Healthy food when you’re on vacation will make you feel even better when you return home. We have a few local favorite places where you can eat healthy but still have a cultural experience, without falling into a taco coma.

Healthy Food = Great Food in the Riviera Maya

In Puerto Morelos, the little seaside village just north of Cancun, you will find a great vegan Mexican Restaurant that is the real deal. Coco’s Cocina  transforms typical Mexican dishes into vegan meals that even a carnivore loves to eat and is hard pressed to tell the difference. Take your pick of vegan chichurron, mole, chile renellos, and more. Their menu is different every day, and is only open for lunch. You cannot beat the price and your body will love you after you had this healthy meal.

Eat Good, Feel Good Restaurants in the Riviera Maya

Playa del Carmen is the perfect place to have a Paleo meal. Ceviche by the sea is a healthy, protein infused meal with all the healthy omega fats your body loves. Try the ceviche at La Pirata on 40th street and 5th Avenue. Get there early for lunch or dine a little later after 6:30 pm. This is a popular place during the afternoon, with long line ups being the norm.

Tulum has lots of healthy eating options with raw food restaurants, vegan, vegetarian, fresh juices and more. A favorite place to eat that will satisfy the carnivore, pescatarian and vegetarian in your family is called Restaurare . Yes, it is a vegan restaurant, but no you don’t feel like you are in a vegan restaurant. Located on the Tulum Beach Road, you and your body are the winners when you choose to dine here.


Eat Well and Have Fun On Vacation

Listen all of us stay up a little later than usual in vacation, perhaps have a few too many cocktails one night, or might pack your vacation with so many activities you actually get less sleep than when you are working. Take advantage of these healthy places to eat so you can continue to have fun, live a little and drink a little, knowing there are wonderful healthy food options to back you up.

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