How to Discover Cancun One Bite At a Time

Mexican dish

Eat Mexico is more than a food tour.

Founded in 2010 in Mexico City by Lesley Tellez, Eat Mexico invites travelers to discover our traditions through the rich flavors of Mexican cuisine and thriving food culture. What a better way to make our visitors fall in love with this place, than showing what it would taste to live here.

Exploring Local Cuisine

Eat Mexico tacos

When traveling, it’s easy to find the tourist places; the places “everyone” says you should go. But where do the real locals eat? Where do they take their families to dinner to celebrate or when they’ve had a bad day and need their favorite food to comfort them? Where are the places that locals return again and again because it’s not just a restaurant but part of their daily life?

Those are the places that Eat Mexico takes its participants. Eat Mexico tours do more than feed you a taco. Bilingual guides will take you to the overlooked street stands, markets and fondas that Telez, who majored in Mexican gastronomy, and other guides personally select. Eat Mexico doesn’t accept kickbacks or coupons from their vendors. They choose shops based on the deliciousness and quality of the food and each item’s importance in the Mexican culinary canon.

Food Tour In Cancun

Eat Mexico tours

Eat Mexico offers culinary tours in Mexico City, Puebla, and Cancun.

Cancun was founded nearly 50 years ago. The influx of immigrants from around the world as well as migrants from Veracruz, Merida, and Mexico City give Cancun a unique mixture of flavors, traditions, and stories.

Eat Mexico’s food tour highlights Cancun’s unique gastronomic heritage by sharing the anecdotes, facts, and beautiful culture with each bite. Specifically, the tour centers around Mercado 23, established in 1978 and known for its pre-Hispanic beverages and tastes which represent the real side of the pueblo.

Sample some of the best that the market has to offer. Treats like freshly fried fish tacos; panuchos, a fried corn tortilla stuffed with beans and layered with mouth-watering toppings; pozole, a pre-hispanic beverage of corn and chocolate, and the decadent, fried pork belly called castacán are all part of your experience.

You’ll leave the tour not only with a full belly but knowing where to find the city’s best food, how to order it, the stories of the people who make it, and maybe even a new perspective on Cancun.

Booking a Food Tour

Eat Mexico food tour

Eat Mexico keeps it simple and personalized. There are maximum six people for each tour. A food tour can last as little as 3 hours, and the rates start from $55.00 USD per adult (depending on the size of the group).

Another great thing is that all family members are welcomed. Toddlers and kids are often the ones who end up taking the most fun of the tour. Food tours are available daily from 8:30 am to 11:30 am. But booking in advance is key to ensure availability since groups are small.

Trying a non-typical tour like this one opens the opportunity to explore the real traditions and history of Mexico. Contact us now to request a food tour for your next holidays in Riviera Maya. We are taking reservations preferably with one week in advance, at [email protected]

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