Delight in an Oasis of Fantastic Flavors at PASHA

Near the edge of Tulum sits a gastronomic oasis of enchanting flavors, refreshing drinks, and delightful aromas in a charming and quaint atmosphere.

PASHA restaurant in downtown Tulum specializes in Mediterranean-style, Middle Eastern cuisine. Owned and operated by a husband and wife team hailing from Cyprus and Mexico City, respectively, the restaurant’s extensive menu features the best of the Old and New Worlds.

A Turkish chef hones generational, family recipes with the freshest, local ingredients available. A circle of plump shrimp sits on top of a bed of yellow couscous. Lamb Kebab is slow-cooked in the oven. Homemade Baklava satisfies even the most discerning sweet tooth. Vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options are available.

What to Eat

On a hot day, when the Caribbean sun soaks your skin, there is nothing like a bowl overflowing with tabbouleh. The tantalizing salad is a mixture of couscous, finely chopped tomatoes, parsley, spring onion, and lettuce topped with a light mint and olive oil dressing.

Follow a serving of tabbouleh, Greek, or Beetroot salad with a refreshing water or milk-based smoothie. The mint lemonade, watermelon mint, and mango ginger (when in season) smoothies are among our favorites. Enjoying a cold glass of white wine with friends on a warm night with a gorgeous breeze is also intoxicating.

For a taste of the eastern Mediterranean, try the traditional Turkish Meze, a selection of small dishes served as appetizers. The small or “8” Traditional Meze includes hummus, falafel, feta cheese, green olives, tzatziki, fresh veggie slices, warm pita bread, and toasted pita bread. The large or “13 Traditional Meze” features tahini, beetroot carpaccio, eggplant casserole, Tahini Bean salad, and tabbouleh.

You can also get individual mezzes like tzatziki dip or hummus dip served with fresh veggie slices and warm pita bread; falafel balls prepared on a hummus bed with Tahini sauce; and Kibbe (three to an order), which are artisanal Bulgar (a type of wheat) shells stuffed with prime beef and seasoned with herbs.

We also recommend the platters which are served with warm pita bread and a local, organic green salad. In addition to the lamb and shrimp platters, which both come with couscous, we also like the grilled salmon made with traditional Cypriot herbs and eggplant casserole options because they incorporate a special tomato sauce seasoned with parsley.

The shish kebabs are not to be missed. Choose among beef with sweet peppers and onions; salmon and tomatoes; shrimp, tomatoes, zucchini or cabbage; chicken, tomato and onion, and vegetarian. All come with tortillas, green salad with couscous, tzatziki and habanero sauce on the side.

Desserts include Turkish Baklava and ice cream, Baklava, ice cream, and a homemade vegan brownie cake. We also like to top our meal with Turkish tea served in an elegant, silver pot. Turkish tea is a staple of the culture and is a way of socializing popular at home as it is in the local market.

Why go?

PASHA is located on Calle Saturno, near the edge of the Tulum pueblo traveling south.

Away from the crowds populating beach clubs and noisy, downtown restaurants, you can enjoy the people you’re with as well as the food you are eating at PASHA. Melodic, Middle Eastern music plays softly in the background. Lovingly worn rugs, plump pillows, and friendly customer service make it feel like a home away from home.

Many people come to Mexico to sample its incredible gastronomic tradition. We adore traditional and modern Mexican cuisine. We are proud that “local” dishes such as cochinita pibil and sopa de lima are part of a rich, diverse, culinary culture that UNESCO considers a “world heritage” treasure.

However, traditional Mexican food is more than tacos and tequila (although we like those too). Traditional Mexican food is also an inventive, centuries-old mixture of culinary influences from Spain (including Arabic spices), Lebanon, German, Chinese, and Italian.

Unlike other areas of Mexico, the Riviera Maya is a land of immigrants. Except for the Maya, no one is really from here. Many Mexicans have moved here from other places. It means that Middle Eastern food is also “local” food and that everyone is welcome to the table.

Delicious Details

PASHA Downtown Tulum is located on Calle Saturno Norte.

The restaurant is about 2.7 miles from the Tulum Ruins. The address and phone number are Calle Saturno Norte, Corner Av TulumTulum 77760, Mexico and +52 998 168 9933.

To get there, follow the main road (Carretera 307) through Tulum Pueblo. Turn right at the sandwich-board sign on the corner, and you’ll see the restaurant. You can get there by walking, taxi, and collectivo. If you take a collective, get off at the very last stop in Tulum and walk three or four blocks south (straight) and make a right at Calle Saturno. You’ll see the sign.

They are open Sunday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Payment by credit and debit cards are accepted. However, bring cash as the Wi-Fi in all areas of Tulum sometimes goes out, making it impossible to use credit card processing machines.

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