Go Crazy for Foodie Travel in Yucatan & Riviera Maya

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Food Travel in the Riviera Maya

Foodies from around the world have discovered that the Yucatan and the Riviera Maya are great destinations to experience food created by some really inspiring chefs.

If you are crazy for cooking or just enjoy eating really great Mexican food, take home more than just memories of your Mexico vacation, take home new kitchen skills and a knowledge of Mexico’s fascinating culinary history. What better place to take a cooking class than the country with a cuisine that has been dubbed by UNESCO a world cultural heritage?

Maybe you are a foodie who is less about hands on cooking and more about eating when the work is done. If this is the case, book a food tour that guides you through the local markets and takes you where the natives eat.  Another food adventure could be to hire a local, private chef who will cook regional cuisine for you in your vacation villa, where all you need is your appetite!

Learn to Cook with People Who are Crazy for Cuisine

Foodie travel in the Riviera Maya

The Little Mexican Cooking School in Puerto Morelos is touted by USA Today and Trip Advisor as one of the Riviera Maya’s top activities. The cooking school is a foodie adventure that will teach you Mexico’s history through its dishes. Classes include tequila tasting, regional snacks and a sumptuous meal at the end of the day.

Co.Cos in Playa del Carmen has courses for everyone ranging from beginners to professionals, they even have a mixology class on Friday nights! Co.Cos offers traditional and contemporary Mexican as well as Asian cooking classes in a snazzy, modern kitchen.

Altamar, one of Tulum’s top restaurants, offers cooking classes that teach the fundamentals of cooking Yucatecan style. Discover the secret to expertly made ceviches, tacos and salsas. as well as perfecting the classic margarita.

Los Dos in Merida, Yucatan is the first culinary school in Mexico devoted solely to Yucatecan cooking. Take classes in a magnificently restored colonial mansion from the chef the NY Times calls “the non-native who knows the most about cooking in the Yucatan.” Classes include a tour of a traditional Mexican mercado where you will find a treasure trove of new and exciting foods and spices.

Take a Tour That’s All About Food

yucatan food tours

Cozumel Chef offers an eating adventure that will take you to the island’s local restaurants that are far from the tourist main-stays.

Adventures Mexico has a fun tour that explores the Mexican tradition of cantinas where you will enjoy cervezas, local botanas (snacks) and share old stories with new friends while hopping to three different bar experiences.

The Yucatan’s famed Los Dos cooking school now offers Merida food tours. Luxury hacienda dining or casual local hot spots – you pick the mood and Chef Sterling will lead you through the foodie promised land.

Hire a Private Chef

Hire a private chef in Riviera Maya

I know it sounds expensive, but really, here in Mexico you can hire a private chef to come to your vacation rental and prepare a sumptuous, regional dinner for the same or less than a moderately priced restaurant.  Chef Daveed and Chef Antonio are two of our favorite Riviera Maya culinarians. Both chefs continue to impress us with their professionalism and creativity. They use the freshest ingredients, add their own signature spin to classic Mexican dishes and are more than happy to meet any special dietary needs.

Plan Your Vacation During a Food Event

food festival in riviera maya

The Cancun – Riviera Maya Food & Wine Festival, with world renowned celebrity chefs, professional cooking demos, and sexy resort locations, in just 2 years since its inception has become recognized internationally as a serious foodie, destination event. , The 2014 festival begins March 13.

Taste of Playa is a celebration of the Riviera Maya’s culinary diversity. Caribbean, Italian, Mexican, Middle-Eastern, Asian, French…all of the food groups are represented each November in the cosmopolitan, beachside city of Playa del Carmen. Come for the fantastic food, stay for the amazing atmosphere!

Holbox Food Festival is held each Fall for 4 days between September 1st and October 30th. This gastronomic gala includes live music performances, food booths representing some of the Caribbean’s best restaurants, and an intimate island atmosphere you won’t want to miss.

Every Sunday in Merida the streets around the central plaza close and a city street party begins! Food carts are everywhere and this is a great opportunity to try local comfort food like tacos al pastor, marquesitas, churros and panuchos.

Download Loco Gringo’s exclusive e-book “Eat Your Way Through the Riviera Maya” that includes great Mexican Caribbean recipes including the perfect margarita!

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