The Chemistry of Flavors with Chef Cristobal Tamariz

Cristobal Tamariz

My guest on today’s podcast, Cristobal Tamariz, is the owner of Riviera Maya Food Tours. Cristobal believes the best way to preserve a country’s culture is through sharing and experiencing local traditions. And, his way of sharing is through authentic, regional cuisine.

Born in Central Mexico, Cristobal grew up surrounded by his grandmother’s and his mother’s flavorful cooking. He thought he might become an engineer and study chemistry, but soon realized he could create chemical reactions through food, so he spent five years studying the culinary arts. Cristobal traveled to different parts of the world before his love of his culture, his food, and his family, drew him back to Mexico.

While planning a vacation to the Riviera Maya, Cristobal received a call offering him a job in a cooking school in the area. He accepted the position of instructor to teach cooking classes to visitors.

Cristobal loves working with locally available foods, including peppers. He says each region of Mexico uses a different type of pepper which gives each region its own distinct flavor. Mexicans have over 500 years of cooking traditions to preserve, and they consider their foods part of their identities.

Cristobal’s Secret Places:

  • Puerto Morelos Square — The Best Churros Ever!
  • Rincón de Archon — Puerto Morelos — Take a Food Tour.
  • Bacalar – The Lagoon Has Seven Different Colors of Blue.

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