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Playa del Carmen Beach

Playa del Carmen has over four miles of glorious beaches making it a hot spot. Enjoy the sunshine at a trendy beach club or meet up with seasoned Playa locals who love the sea view from this chic city.


This is a small fresh water cenote at the entrance to the Sian Kaan. Hidden on the jungle side of the Tulum beach road, Cenote Eric is a great place to hang out off the beach. If you want private, untouched and a cool place to hang, this is it.

Cenote Cave

Sieta Bocas translated means the ‘Seven Mouths’ or in the case of this cenote means seven different small entrances into the underground river. This cenote is very different from other cenotes. Each entrance is small, some with steps or ladders where visitors can climb into the cenote and cavern system, or there is just an opening where you can jump into the water.

Playa Secreto Beach

This beach is in a gated community just south of Puerto Morelos that only vacation rental guests having access to this beach. If you are searching for a quiet area with few people this is the spot.

Cenote Azul

This is an open, fresh water cenote that is great for snorkeling and swimming. The cenote is perfect for all ages. With easy access from HWY 307 this cenote is easy to get to with public transportation. The cenote is large, the water is crystal clear, and the swimming areas are not deep. Entrance to the cenote is easy as the cenote has both stairs and a platform.

Labna cenote

Make this cavern an all day affair. The limestone formations and detailed decorations are spectacular. This is a swimming and snorkeling cenote that has lots of above water supports for your day. Restaurant, snorkel gear rental, lots of places to lounge and of course lots of caverns to explore. This is a great cavern with an immense overhead environment.