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Going to Akumal and not stopping by everyone’s favorite grub hub is like going to Paris and not visiting Champs Elysees. This delicious cafe is the best spot to eat and hang out after a day of snorkeling.

Xcalacoco beach

This is an old Playa del Carmen hang out just a few kilometers from North Playa del Carmen. Tranquil beach meets blue seas in this beautiful part of the Riviera Maya just outside popular cities in the area.


This is a fun day in this cenote location. Though it is called Kin Ha cenote, there are actually many cenotes to visit and many ways to visit them. If you show up on your own, you can see two cenotes, one is an open water cenote called Flora Blanca, and the second cenote is a cavern. If you decided to book a tour to this location, which you can do, you will see more cenotes, snorkel, platform jump into the open cenotes, and more.

Diving in cenotes

Technically trained cave divers will love the fresh water system found in the Riviera Maya. No where else can you see such decorated caves.

The world-famous Cirque de Soleil provides an unforgettable evening out in Playa del Carmen. Incredible acrobatics, drama, music and artistry take an evening out to an entirely other level. Enjoy a three course meal and take in one of the finest performances on the coast!

For many years, La Cueva del Pescador has been serving fresh fish for locals and visitors. Their secret? The owner is a local fisherman who has been fishing in the Caribbean since 1982. He is the secret to Cueva del Pescador’s continued success.

Xelha Ruins

Xel-Ha Ruins seems to be overshadowed by Tulum Ruins and Xel-Ha Eco-park. This site has some great murals not found in Tulum or Muyil Ruin sites.