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Exclusive Beach with Public Access

Xcalacoco Beach was one of our favorite places to walk to from Playa del Carmen in days gone by. It was a beautiful walk, with no one else around, with a beautiful treat at the end, an exclusive Riviera Maya beach with one little restaurant, perfect for lunch and a glorious margarita.

Today Xcalacoco Beach is still a glorious stretch of beach and still has the small restaurant we would lunch at, Coco’s Restaurant, but there are more services and restaurants to choose from.

We are not referring to beach bars, or beach clubs with full public service. We are referring to beachside restaurants in beautiful hotels on the beach that are one way to access this quiet and tranquil Riviera Maya Beach.

Just north of Playa del Carmen, a short drive from the city center, or 90 minute walk via the Playa del Carmen beach, you can hang out and enjoy Xcalacoco beach. Locals love to walk to this area and some live closer by with recent residential developments popping up.

Unique Riviera Maya Beach Experience

Why venture to Xcalacoco Beach? It is yet another Riviera Maya beach experience that showcases the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, the powdery white sand this area is most famous for, and lets you hand with locals in a less public area.

Parking is extremely limited in this beach area. We recommend taking advantage of the great restaurants on this stretch of beach for lunch or dinner to experience the tranquility of Xcalacoco. Coco’s Restaurant is an old time favorite that we recommend.

A Word to the Wise: Xcalacoco Beach

  • Bring beach chairs, snacks and water to this beach
  • Snorkeling and swimming are best when the seas are calm
  • Snorkel and boat tours are offered by local fisherman and dive centers
  • Local hotel restaurants are a good way to experience this exclusive beach