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Cenotes and Caverns

Why Go?

Sieta Bocas translated means the ‘Seven Mouths’ or in the case of this cenote means seven different small entrances into the underground river. This cenote is very different from other cenotes. Each entrance is small, some with steps or ladders where visitors can climb into the cenote and cavern system, or there is just an opening where you can jump into the water. You will find this location fun both above ground and underground. It is a perfect location for a lazy day with a picnic, your swimsuit and a group of friends.

Where Is It Located?

This cenote is located 12 kms from Hwy 307 on the Puerto Morelos Cenote Road – La Ruta de Cenotes. The drive in is quite far, a kilometer or two, though it would be a nice shady walk of you choose to take public transportation to this location.

What Can You Do Here?

This is a swimming cenote but if you are adventurous bring your own snorkel gear and check out what is under the water. There are few services but lots of tables and small palapas for a picnic. Bring your own food and drinks. Explore the jungle, the local plants and trees, enjoy the quiet and chill for the day or an afternoon.