Off The Beaten Path Natural Wonder – Cenote Santa Cruz

You must be thinking there are very few places in Riviera Maya, that allow you to have a quiet and private moment with your family. But we are experts in finding the top activities and locations off the beaten path. The most popular cenotes are overcrowded and you barely get to enjoy your visit, but this is not the case of Cenote Santa Cruz. Combining a secluded location, pristine crystal water, and an unbeatable guide to explore it. Cenote Santa Cruz is the perfect scenario to spend an amazing morning or afternoon without having to give up your entire day. If this is your first time finding out about this amazing cenote, we have all the details, including how to secure your next visit.

Privacy At Its Best

Santa Cruz cabana

Cenote Santa Cruz would be about 6 kilometers deep into the jungle side of Akumal. It is not recommended to walk but if you have bikes, you are in for a cool ride. Its location makes it perfect to avoid all the city noise and crowds. The only noise will be your own heartbeat and birds singing. Another amazing feature is that the groups are private, you enter with your own group and the guide, without having to share this amazing experience with strangers. Only visitors with previous and confirmed reservations are welcome, so no last-minute walk-ins. But if you request your reservation with at least one week in advance, you are almost confirmed.

Family friendly

Family at Santa Cruz Cenote

This place is amazing because the caretakers kept the natural light, which is key to enjoy amazing sights of the caverns throughout the entire experience. The blues in the water and different colors and shinning of the stalactites. Cenote Santa Cruz is also 100% kid friendly. They have lifejackets of all sizes, and lamps are provided to enlighten your path once inside the caverns. There are parts with shallow water at the entrance, and an amazing open area with a swinging rope to jump into the water. Just with enough natural light entering from above, to make it seem almost magical. It is quite an experience to be able to see this cenote inside and out, in person.

Book With Your Family Or Friends

Visiting cenote

You are more than welcome to bring your beverages and snacks for after the cenote experience. It does not last for too long, more or less about 3 hours the entire experience. Long enough to swim in those crystal-clear waters and float while the underground river current takes you away. The rate is very affordable, only $50.00usd per person, best if paid in advance but it can be paid in cash once you arrive at the cenote. What is absolutely imperative, is to book in advance, since walk-ins are not possible, and only visitors with a confirmed reservation have access. Transportation from anywhere in Cancun, Riviera Maya or Tulum, is also available as long as you request it with enough time in advance. For any inquiry about this and other fantastic off the beaten path places and activities, please e-mail to [email protected] we will be happy to plan your next adventure!

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