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Cenotes to Explore in the Riviera Maya and Beyond

With over 700 kms of explored caverns in the Riviera Maya, no wonder there are so many caverns to discover.

The unique landscape of the Yucatan Peninsula has made it the place to see this underground river system as an explorer, a snorkeler, or even a scuba diver. But where does one begin? Which cenote is best? If I am to experience a cenote on my vacation which one should I see?

These are questions we get all the time and our answer has remained the same for 20 years.

Every single cenote has unique features in and of themselves. Some cenotes are true caverns with an overhead environment. Some cenotes are open to the environment an feel like a giant swimming pool.

But what truly makes each cenote unique is what lies underneath the surface. This is what defines and differentiates one cenote to another. It is what lies beneath the surface that makes each and every location unique and incomparable to another.

Start With This List and Keep Discovering

This list of cenotes is by no means exhaustive, but it is a good start. We have highlighted if the cenote is best for swimming, snorkeling, or diving. Each description outlines services or lack of services at each location.

Each cenote property is privately owned and each owner decides which services they offer. They also determine the entrance fees based on their services. Some have small restaurants, some have public washrooms. Some are just a place to swim with no services at all.

All are beautiful locations that showcase the environmental diversity in the Yucatan Peninsula. Nowhere else in the world will you see cenotes and caverns like this, which is why many locations are popular dive and snorkeling sites.

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Chaak Tun

This cenote is located in Playa del Carmen on the west end of Avenida Juarez. It is a short taxi ride or drive to the cenote. Previously this cenote was located in the middle of the jungle but is not close to amenities and residential neighborhoods as Playa del Carmen grows. Convenient to get to if you are staying in Playa del Carmen.

Cenote Ponderosa

The Spanish name of this cenote is Jardin del Eden – Garden of Eden but it is known by locals and tour guides as Ponderosa. This cenote is truly a Garden of Eden and great for swimming, snorkeling and open water scuba courses. The cenote is closed on Saturdays as per the owners decision. This is a large open cenote with a cool and varied limestone bottom. It is very shallow in some areas and very deep in others.


This is a fun day in this cenote location. Though it is called Kin Ha cenote, there are actually many cenotes to visit and many ways to visit them. If you show up on your own, you can see two cenotes, one is an open water cenote called Flora Blanca, and the second cenote is a cavern. If you decided to book a tour to this location, which you can do, you will see more cenotes, snorkel, platform jump into the open cenotes, and more.


Kantun Chi Cenote is both an eco park and a cenote. You can choose either activity when you visit. If you just want to swim in their four cenotes, yes four, then your admission is far less expensive. If you want to participate in guided tours and larn more about their cenotes and caverns, there are few options to choose from.