Exploring the Unknown Freshwater Cave Systems with Sam Meacham

Sam Meacham

My guest this week is credited with a long list of accomplishments, including being a Fellow of the Explorer’s Club, a National Geographic Society Grantee, National Geographic Adventure Magazine’s Best of Adventure Honoree, a NASA Space Grant Fellow, a PADI & GUE Cave Technical Diver. He has appeared in numerous documentaries filmed by the BBC, PBS, National Geographic and CNN International. But what I like the most about Sam Meacham, is that he is a great person and a long-time, close friend of mine.

Sam arrived in the Riviera Maya in 1994, and started diving in the underwater caves beneath the cenotes. He wanted to be sure the immense cave system and pure water was preserved and appreciated, so he started the nonprofit, CINDAQ, to raise awareness about the aquifer and the cultural and natural resources associated with it, through exploration, science, and education.

Sam is still fascinated by the cave diving in the area and calls it a complex jigsaw puzzle. His and other organizations are putting the puzzle together piece by piece. He would love to complete the puzzle in his lifetime. Sam understands that by providing core samples and continuing to explore the area he is helping science move forward and has a direct impact on conserving the area.

Sam recommends going off the beaten path to find a cenote. He says you have to just get a car and drive. There is magic in finding a secluded cenote. He appreciates the area around Valladolid and the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.

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