Classic Mayan Ruin Revisited – Iconic Tulum Ruins

The Tulum ruins have not changed but the services, parking, and possible places to grab a snack or lunch have. Our write up about the Tulum ruins will be a useful guide to understanding the history, but this current information will help you navigate everything contemporary about the Tulum Ruins.

What’s new at the Tulum Ruins? New Ticketing Window and More


New Ticketing Window – A new ticketing window is being added January 2016 to help long line ups and get you into the Tulum ruins faster! If you arrive at the ruins after 11:00 am there has been lineups due to the amount of visitors during this popular entrance time. We suggest going either before 8 am or after 2 pm but if you find yourself at the ruins during peak times, you will not have to wait to get in.

Parking – There is a large parking lot just to the south of the ruins. Parking on the beach road, closer to the ruins entrance, is getting a bit tough to do these days. That is where we have parked for years but with Tulum’s popularity on the rise, the beach road parking option is just too tough. Use the parking lot to the south of the Tulum entrance off Hwy 307 and either walk to the ruins or take the small train. The walk is 800 meters, so not far, but not close.

Snacks and Coffee – Starbucks fans will be happy about this. Old school travelers not so much. In the little mall just off the parking lot, Starbucks has planted roots for local visitors. Yikes, you say…yummy say others. We look at it this way. Thankfully there is coffee near the Tulum ruins, if you are a Starbucks fan. We do recommend an early start to those visiting the ruins on their own. Being the first few into the ruins makes the Tulum ruins incredible. Most travelers and tours stroll in at 11 am so take advantage of an early entrance.

Food – If you are looking for a quick breakfast, skip the little mall and stop by the blue taqueria on the west side of HWY 307. The tacos are great, the line up starts early, but you will have a great breakfast taco for about 8 pesos a taco. You cannot miss this little blue place as we refer to it as. The cars are parked on the side of the highway, and the tables are full. Make a stop and check it out. You won’t regret it. It is located just past the intersection before the parking lot.

Loco Adventures Tulum Ruins e-book – We are slowly creating local adventure guides for our LG friends to help navigate the ruins, Mexican food, local cities, pueblos, and vacation ideas. The first ebook we did was a guide for the Tulum Ruins. Get your copy and find out how to see these ruins either as a DIY adventure, a go-with-friends adventure to share costs and the fun, or book a tour with a local tour company we think you will like. Download it now and tell us how it works out!


So that is our update on the Tulum ruins. Not much is changed and for sure the ruins have not changed one bit. If you have seen the Tulum ruins on a previous trip, we encourage you to go again. It really is the iconic site on the coast. You can never get enough of that view, or enough photos of the site.

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