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26 Sep 2021
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Travel Sweet Spot

The best time to travel to Akumal is here. Savvy travelers know that the period between these holidays is the sweet spot to enjoy the best weather and beach conditions in Akumal. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are the most sought-after weeks of the year and therefore priced accordingly at premium rates but these beach villas are accessible for those with flexible travel dates. Click through to see the villas that are currently available for this time frame. The rates shown below are based on normal occupancy, contact us for a custom quote including any additional services you may want during your stay.

Casa Alux

Casa Cascadas

Casa Chaca

Casa Cielo

Casa Canciones

Casa de los Sueños

Casa Del Mar

Casa Dena

Casa Encantada

Casa Iguana

Casa Luna

Casa Magica

Casa Palmeras

Casa San Francisco