Playarte Pop-Support Stray Animals And Local Art In Riviera Maya

If you are one of the mindful travelers this is definitely priceless information for you. Many of our customers are so wonderful that are usualy finding new ways to help locals during their holidays in Riviera Maya. We of course appreciate all the love and support and we also feel the need to provide all the details to help them helping. Its no surprise there are many causes you can support during your vacations but there is one specially close to our hearts: stray animals rescue. As animalovers and also locals we have “been there and done that”, so we know what local organizations might be great for you to support. For example Playarte Pop, where you can purchase a hand made portrait of your pet, while you help other doggos that are not as lucky. One simple purchase of a painting could be the whole difference for a stray animal in Riviera Maya.

The Hearts Behind The Project

Mateo Playarte Pop

Mateo Saucedo and Geo Villalon have been working with many organizations before to raise awareness and rescue stray cats and dogs in Riviera Maya. Playarte Pop which is the beautiful project they created, shows the endless love they both feel towards animals in need. Matteo is incredibly talented and based on pictures of the pets, use colorful strokes to capture the personality of each animal. The pieces are just breathtaking and each one it takes from one week up to a month, depending on the size of each portrait. Riviera Rescue is the organization Matteo and Geo are part of, along with other volunteers and friends who share the same passion to help animals. Combining the project of Playarte Pop and Riviera Rescue organization, they are able to help many dogs weekly. All the money collected from the paintings and donations sent to the organization go straight to pay for the food, vet bills and other needs that the stray animals might have.

Join This Beautiful Cause

Playarte pop painting

You can often see the wonderful paintings at fundraisings, vegan festivals or any other events focused on helping animals in Riviera Maya. Check Matteo´s website to see all the pieces he has created in the past and even order your own! No matter where you live he can also ship it to you from Puerto Morelos (where they are based). All it takes for him to create a portrait of your pet, is to have a nice picture of him and specify the colors and style of your preference. If you like you can also send donations Riviera Rescue. You can be part of this wonderful cause by taking home a really unique portrait of your pet. And if you prefer Riviera Rescue accepts and thanks any donation sent through Paypal sent to: [email protected] Playarte Pop is located in Puerto Morelos and often donates portraits to support other local organizations like Playa Animal Rescue.

Other Organizations In Riviera Maya

Playarte Pop dog

Playarte Pop and Riviera Rescue are one of the many organizations that help reduce the stray dog and cat population in Riviera Maya. We invite you to get in contact with the organization you feel closer to, and support them. It can be as little as volunteering one day or sharing their posts on your Facebook. The important thing is to support the cause and help raise awareness. The other organizations and/or projects you can support in the area, are:  SOS El Arca (Playa del Carmen dog shelter), Coco´s Cat Rescue (spay and neuter at low cost) and the dog pound in Playa del Carmen. They all accept any donation that comes from your heart. It can be food, medical equipment for the vets, clothes or shoes to sell at the bazars, etc. If you can´t adopt a stray dog maybe you can donate, if you can’t donate maybe you can volunteer. And if you can’t volunteer you can share this information with friends and family. No matter how you choose to help, we appreciate your wonderful support for the stray animals and local organizations that help them. Please feel free to send us an e-mail to: [email protected] if you have more questions or you are curious about joining events focused on helping animals in Riviera Maya.

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