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14 Dec 2023
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Discover the ultimate family vacation in Riviera Maya, where adventure, relaxation, and cultural experiences blend seamlessly. This guide, brought to you by Locogringo featuring 24 exceptional activities catering to every interest. Dive into health and wellness, embrace thrilling water sports, savor dining and entertainment, and immerse yourself in rich culture and heritage. Whether exploring ancient ruins, enjoying private yoga sessions, or savoring the local cuisine, Riviera Maya offers an unforgettable escape for families.

Cultural Activities

1. Ruins: Visit ancient Mayan ruins to glimpse the past. See more>>>

2. Colonial Towns: Stroll through historic towns rich in colonial architecture. See more>>>

3. Maya Communities: Engage with local Maya communities for an authentic experience. See more>>>

4. Natural Parks: Explore diverse ecosystems and wildlife in protected natural parks. See more>>>

Dining & Entertainment

5. Mystika: Indulge in a sensory journey at this immersive museum. See more>>>

6. Cooking Classes: Learn to cook traditional Mexican cuisine. See more>>>

7. Roja: Sample gourmet dishes in an exquisite setting watching a Cirque Du Soleil show. Get Tickets>>>

8. Chef Service: Enjoy personalized dining experiences in your villa. See more>>>

9. Luxury Yachting: Combine fine dining with a sea excursion. See more>>>

10. Tulum Night Out: Explore vibrant nightlife and entertainment in Tulum. See more>>>

Water Activities & Sports:

11. Diving: Explore the vibrant underwater world of the Caribbean. See more>>>

12. Snorkeling: Discover colorful marine life in crystal-clear waters. See more>>>

13. Cenotes: Swim in the natural sinkholes unique to the Yucatan Peninsula. See more>>>

14. Cavern Exploration: Adventure into the mystical underground caverns. See more>>>

15. Paddleboarding & Fishing: Enjoy serene waters while paddleboarding or fishing. See more>>>

16. Yachting & Sailboat: Sail the seas for a luxurious water experience. See more>>>

17. Golf: Play on world-class golf courses with stunning views. See more>>>

18. Mountain Biking: Traverse through lush tropical landscapes on bike trails. See more>>>

19. Polo: Experience the thrill of watching polo in exclusive clubs. See more>>>

20. Theme Parks: Enjoy fun-filled family adventures in local theme parks. See more>>>

Health & Wellness

21. Temazcal: Experience traditional steam baths known for their healing properties. 

22. Cacao Ritual: Partake in an ancient ceremony involving sacred cacao. 

23. Private Yoga Sessions: Tailor-made yoga classes for relaxation and rejuvenation. 

24. Sound Bath: Immerse in a meditative experience with therapeutic sound vibrations. 

Plan Ahead

Contact Locogringo Guest Services for expert assistance in planning your family vacation to Riviera Maya. From selecting the perfect activities to arranging accommodations, our team ensures a seamless and unforgettable experience.