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14 Nov 2018
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Vacation Tips

Ditch the car and grab a bike to explore Puerto Morelos. Locals love their bikes and many tootle around on two wheels instead of four. So where are they going? We are gonna tell you where.

To the Town Center and Local Restaurants

Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be found in the main town center of Puerto Morelos. Great restaurants overlook the town square but there are some great gems on the nearby side streets. Take your bike and ride through the zocalo, then find out what lies just a half a block to the north and south. Your restaurant choices double when you venture off the four corners of the Zocalo.

To the North End of Town and Up to Crococun Zoo

This is a great bike ride if you just want to explore. Head north on Avenida Ninos Hereos and at the end of the street turn left. There is a great street that runs north, parallel to the ocean and through a super cool seaside neighborhood. Ride by the marine research center (you can stop and ask for a tour, even though they do not have formal tours of the facility. If someone is not busy they are happy to show you what they do) check out the houses and right around the resorts. If you are feeling energetic, it is possible to bike to the Crococun Zoo on the highway using this road.

Into Local Life and Some of the Best Tacos Around

This bike ride is fun and can end up being 3 to 4 miles one way. Your reward is a glimpse into local life and some great tacos! Travel the main road into Puerto Morelos up to the highway. Cross over the highway (you will see local bikes parked on the median which reflects how much people love riding their bikes) and start riding into the area called the Colosial. This is where real life lives in Puerto Morelos and will give you a great introduction to local culture and of course local food. This is our favorite place for tacos, tostadas, soup and cochinita pibil (pulled pork) 7 days a week! Nothing is fancy, and in most cases you will pull up a chair at a roadside taco cart, but you will not get any more authentic than this.

For the Experienced Biker

If you are an experienced biker and love longer bike trips, you can explore the cenote road on your bike. Take lots of water, bring some snacks, and start heading west on this popular road. We suggest wearing a helmet on this road. This trip and adventure is not for those who are looking for a little bike ride. This is a true adventure for enthusiasts. It is 10 Kms to the first cenote, but a great reward. Cool water, a little swim and a bit of off roading has you in adventure mode!

Local Bike Rentals in Puerto Morelos

Many vacation rentals offer bikes with your rental. If you need more bikes or are here for just a day, Green Bikes rents by the hour, the day or week! Reservations in advance are recommended as this is a local hot spot. WE love the care Green Bikes takes of their equipment and customers. They even have bamboo framed bikes you can rent for your adventure!!

Use this guide as a map and vacation planner. You can contact Green Bikes directly through Facebook to make your reservation.

A beach vacation becomes even more spectacular when you have the freedom to explore at your own pace. Bikes are the way to do this!