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Mayan Culture, Ancient and Modern

The remains of the once great Mayan civilization are all around us. The modern Maya of the Riviera Maya continue to use their indigineous Mayan language, food, customs and wellness are influenced by ancient traditions. Often regarded as some of the most gregarious and welcoming people in the world, the modern Maya people are a large reason why the Riviera Maya has grown to the international tourist destination it has.  Great beaches, even better people.

Here are some recommendations for how to experience the Mayan world, ancient and modern. 

Visit Traditional Mayan Village

The Maya are known worldwide for being some of the kindness and most welcoming people you can meet. Despite growth and modernization, a large number of Mayan communities exist in the Yucantan and retain their identity, language and traditional lifestyles. We love to recommend this one day, professionally led tour to a small Mayan village.Your Mayan guide, certified by the Ministry of Tourism, will lead you to a Maya village, where you will visit a traditional home and enjoy a true Mayan meal. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy the language, food and beauty of the indigenous people. You can also experience an ancient Mayan blessing performed by one of the few remaining traditional Mayan Shaman.

This tour is great for all ages. It includes guided tour of Coba ruins, visit to traditional Maya village, traditional meal and a swim in one of the areas most interesting and least visited cenotes.

Ruta de las Iglesias

Visit Tihosuco, one of the oldest towns in Quintana Roo, known for its colonial cathedral, proud Mayan community and museum. This small town south of Tulum is where the Caste War broke out in 1847 as the Mayan people rebelled against social oppression by foreigners who attacked their culture, lands and beliefs. Most of the residents here speak only Mayan.  A reminder, this is small and peaceful town unaccustomed to the quicker pace of tourist areas. This glimpse into indigenous culture and history will change the way you see history. Please be respectful. We can recommend some great guides, but you can also visit Tihosuco on your own. Let us know if you would like more information!