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No matter what month of the year we are in, the Riviera Maya has always something to offer for travelers and locals. This beautiful side of Mexico is more than just shopping. Mayan is a heavy word and represents something sacred for many people who keep traveling to the area. Even more for the locals that have the honor of calling Riviera Maya our home.

As locals we know that the tour options can be sometimes overwhelming for travelers. We often get the question; which tour operator do we choose? But making the right decision is not as hard as it seems. We have spent many years comparing and trying different companies, we did our homework so you can get the best recommendations and tips from us. This time we are highlighting an ambassador more than a company. Yucatreks ensure experiences, adventures, memories that stay with you after the holidays are over.

Destinations And Attractions

Ek Balam cenote

All the tours are focused on one thing; to make you experience the areas as a true local. Cobá, Tulum, Ek Balam, Valladolid and Chichen Itza are included in the trips but it takes a real local to go beyong the place and explore the hidden treasures. This is where Yucatreks Tours makes the difference. One thing is to see the place and another one is to be part of it. The ruins are among the favorite options travelers choose to visit. Colonial towns and the best recommendations for sustainable and community shopping are also a must.

Everybody can find beaches and cenotes in Riviera Maya but not everyone can find the best ones. Yucatreks offers a tour for snorkelers and swimmers that covers the top places, called Sea to Cenote. This local adventure gathers the most beautiful underwater places. The day starts with probably the King of cenotes in the area;Yal Ku. This cenote/lagoon is huge and includes different areas to explore like mangroves with endless marine life. After that you are taken to Cenote Los Sueños to discover another different underwater world, but just as incredible. But they save the best for the end; swimming with turtles next to a beautiful reef in Akumal, which honors their Mayan name that means “The Place of the turtles”.

The Less The Happier

Ruins of Ek balam

Yucatreks Tours applies the “size matters” saying. The less people they have in their groups, the more they will be able to provide a personalized service. They are experts in making you forget that you are in a tour. The group sizes go from 12 to 16 people top, and there is always an entertaining and knowledgeable guide that will make the difference between a tour and an adventure.

The pick up´s are also a lot different when you have small groups. Nobody likes to waste their precious vacation time spending hours in the transportation that will take you to your actual destination. Yucatreks make sure that the pick up is as relaxing as the tour itself. The vans used as transportation are equipped with A/C, refreshments and snacks to make distances even shorter.

Shared Or Private?

Valladolid church

The signature tours or shared tours offer great options, pretty much covering most of the main attractions. Are not only a practical way of being part of the adventure, but are the cheapest option too. They also represent a great option for couples or singles, allowing to share the experience with others and why not, making new friends by the end of the adventure.

Private options of course have also incredible advantages. For large families or couples that prefer something more exclusive, this would be the best option. Yucatreks can make it as private as you want. Don´t forget the trips are tailored and the guide will only focus on you, your party and the places you are eager to explore.

Now that you have first hand information about the options that Yucatreks offers, you can start planning tour trips to the main attractions of the area. You can either contact Yucatreks directly or take advantage of your personal Concierge at [email protected] who will be excited to help.

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