Yucatan photo of the day – hand-made ceremonial dresses

Traditional Yucatecan dress for parties, dancing and ceremonies

These young girls are dressed in the Yucatan ceremonial dresses called a Terno, which is a bit more elaborate than the daily dress called “huipil“worn by Yucatec woman on a day-to-day basis. The difference is the three layers the girls are wearing, the jubón is a short, fully embroidered, square-necked blouse worn over the huipil. The Huipil is made of silk and is the secondary layer that has a lace bottom, and thirdly the fustán which is a third and final layer acting as a lace petticoat. Teh shawl these girls are wearing are called a Santa Maria and the ceremonial dress is finished off with white shoes, gold beads and a head-dress.

These dresses are all handmade and hand embroidered and can identify a family or village depending on the flowers or motifs that are used in the design. Living in the Yucatan has provided us with lots of opportunities to view and admire the ceremonies and the elaborate dress that are used in these traditions. Check out Merida, the capital of the Yucatan and focal point of many cultural ceremonies.

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