Beaks and Feathers Make for a Fun Adventure

In 2002, in Mrs. Joann Andrews’ library, as an initiative to promote the potential of Yucatan as a nature tourism destination based on the birds watching, different sectors of the federal, state, civil society, private sector, and ornithologists were convened to sketch the first ideas of what is now the Toh Bird Festival.

The event aims to promote nature tourism and the development of sustainable tourism, with the benefits it generates to the environment, communities and the development of the state.

Yucatan  2018 Toh Bird Festival Upcoming Events

Bird Watching Tours
Bird watching is an activity that can be enjoyed by families, friends or alone and invites everybody to visit different places like cities, forests, wetlands, and coasts, offsetting desensitization toward wildlife and bringing people closer to nature, inspiring them to protect and conserve wildlife and the places they discover.

  • Oxkutzcab, August 9
  • Mocontún, municipality of Tekax, September 2
  • Rio Lagartos, September 28th, 29th and 30th
  • Calakmul, Campeche ​October 19th, 20th and 21st
  • Sisal, Yucatan November 11.

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Ecotourism Tours
There are more than 30 ecotourism projects that offer several products for a day surrounded by nature where bird watching is accompanied by other natural attractions such as cenotes, archaeological sites, adventure activities.

  • San Crisanto, July 15
  • San Felipe, August 12
  • Tekit, October 14
  • San Agustín, Tekax Yucatán, November 4.

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The turquoise plumage of the Toh watchmaker bird, also known as a Mot-Mot (“Eumomota superciliosa“) has become the symbol of the event and of birding in the Yucatan. 

The program is developed over eight months and it is aimed at: tourists, nature photographers, bird watchers, naturalist guides, students, children and general public.

We found online a great Yucatan Birding Checklist, download it for free.  

One of the activities included in the program is the Xoc ch’ich Bird Marathon, which consists in counting birds, this is the summit event of the festival and will take place from November 23 to 25, 2018. Participants are organized in teams that will try to observe and record the greatest number of bird species in a 29-hour period.

Another of the upcoming events is the workshop “Learning to observe birds” level 2, which will be given by the master of science Ernesto Gómez Uc, on August 24 and 25 in the Kaxil kiuic reserve, located in Oxkutzcab, Yuc.

Source: Festival Aves Yucatan
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