Xelha Triathlon-The Green Sport Of Riviera Maya

From all the events with cause that organizes Xelha Eco Park, the Xelha Triathlon is one of the favorite for Animalovers. If you enjoy sportive events and would love to help preserve the flora and fauna of beautiful Riviera Maya, this might be your opportunity. If you have visited Xelha Eco Park you have been part of their sustainable activities and initiatives. This is yet another way to support the Yucatan culture and obtain resources for the non-profit organizations that work to protect the flora and fauna of the area.

A New Sport With Cause

swim Xelha Triathlon

We definitely share the vision of Xelha Eco Park and join forces with them to promote the proper use of natural resources and share the passion to protect the natural environments in the region. The Xelha Triathlon will raise awareness towards protection of nature through different practices that athletes will adopt during the event. All proceeds will go to Flora, Fauna & Cultura de Mexico, which is a non-profit organization in charge of conservation, protection and rescue of the natural and cultural heritage in Mexico. There will also be a benefit dinner as part of Xelha Triathlon that will be held on Sunday November 20th and the cost is $1,000.00pesos per person. All proceeds from the dinner will go to support the Red Cross in Quintana Roo.

Different Ways Of Helping

Xelha Parrot

Triathlon Xelha is absolutely fun and you will get the chance to participate in a race with many competitors while visiting the park. However this is not the only way you can help us preserve the natural wonders of this area. You can join forces and participate in many projects towards the conservation of species. For example the Sea Turtle Protection and Conservation Program that Xelha Eco Park is part of.

You can also adopt certain practices that help us protect the environment, while you enjoy your holidays in Riviera Maya:

  • Avoid activities that cage or put in danger natural species
  • respect the turtle nests on the beach
  • Pick up your trash and do not leave cigarette butts on the beach
  • Use more than once towels and linens during your stay
  • Report leaks and damages that waste water and electricity
  • Avoid feeding wild animals

Support The Event

Red Cross dinner

The Xelha Triathlon is on November 19th and 20th at 6:30am at Xelha Eco Park. For all non-competitors there will be special rates to visit the park and support the event. There is also the Red Cross Benefit Dinner on November 20th and you can purchase the entrance for $1,000.00pesos per person. If you want to find out more about the event you can check the official website. And if you prefer to visit this incredible park and be part of the many sustainable activities you can purchase your Xelha Eco Park tickets. Don´t forget to email your [email protected] who will gladly make a reservation for you and your family.

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