Set sail on a fantastic voyage of sun, sea, swimming, and snorkeling on the Robinson Crusoe Tour in Akumal.

Named after the famous novel by Daniel Defoe, this half-day tour operated by the Akumal Dive Shop won’t leave you stranded and searching for fun and adventure. The tour starts at Akumal Beach, continues through a leisurely sail, crescendos to swimming and snorkeling in a small lagoon, and leads back home again.

The intensity level of the tour is low-to-medium, depending on your need for tranquility or daring. It’s an excellent activity for the entire family, couples, and singles who want to relax, discover a new way to explore Akumal and enjoy the area’s stunning, natural beauty.

Your Exciting Robinson Crusoe Adventure Starts Here

The tour starts with a 9:20 a.m. check-in time at the lobby of the Akumal Dive Shop. There, you will meet your crew, get a brief itinerary for the day, gear-up with snorkeling fins and mask, and ask any questions about the journey ahead. Bring flip flops or wet shoes, sunglasses, a hat, and a rash guard and towels if you plan to splash in the water.

A small boat transports you from the beach to a 36-foot catamaran. There is plenty of space below to store your belongings. Sit back, sip a refreshing drink (your choice of beer, water, and soda or bring your own), and sail out to sea.

Soak up the sun and ocean breeze on your skin as the shoreline recedes. As you sail around Half Moon Bay, gaze at the beachfront homes and dream about living in one someday.

Within an hour’s time, you will reach a secret hideaway, where you’ll spend the next leg of your excursion.

Escape to a Private Hideaway for Snorkeling and Swimming Fun

The catamaran glides around the corner and into the entrance of a private, freshwater lagoon.

A shimmering path of turquoise water leader to a barrier reef of lush, thick, jungle and rock. Once the catamaran anchors to the shore, dive in the cool, clear water. Swim and snorkel amidst the freshwater fish. The silvery Liseta Mullet and yellow-and-black striped Sergeant Major Damselfish are just two of the varieties of fish native to the lagoon.

Swim back to the boat if you are feeling a little water-logged. Lounge on deck as the crew prepares your lunch. Make sure to bring biodegradable sunscreen and eco-friendly bug repellant. You want to protect your skin while doing your part of caring for the eco-system.

Just as you are about to think about food, lunch appears. While you are swimming, playing, dancing or just relaxing, the crew busily prepares a simple, traditional Mexican spread of fried fish tacos, fish ceviche, salsa pico de gallo with fresh-squeezed lime, corn tortillas, corn chips, hot salsas, guacamole and succulent fruit for dessert. You also get a choice of soft drinks, beer, or soda. Or if you are feeling a bit plucky, try a bit of tequila with lime, salt, and a sliver of habanero.

One Fantastic Voyage Ends and A New Chapter Awaits

As the midday sun dips lower in the sky, take one, last dip in the lagoon before it’s time to go home. Float on your back, staring at the sky. Think about everything or nothing at all.

It’s time to head back now, but that doesn’t mean the excitement is over.

Make a game of seeing if you can spot flying fish or sea turtles as you sail back to Akumal Beach. Feel the waves caress the catamaran as you swallow a cold drink. Marvel at how truly lucky you are to experience such a beautiful day in paradise.

The catamaran pulls into Half Moon Bay at around 2:30 p.m. A slight feeling of melancholy descends as the lovely Robinson Crusoe Tour comes to an end. As you board the small boat to take you back to shore, a smile widens across your face. A new adventure is about to begin.

Inquire more to reserve your spot on the Robinson Crusoe Tour or explore other day trips in the Riviera Maya.

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