Things to do on Valentine’s Day in the Riviera Maya

We have spent over 19 Valentine’s Days in the Riviera Maya. If you count all the Valentine’s Day spent by all of our staff, it is over 100 Valentine’s Day celebrated just by our immediate team in the area. Dinner is always the number one activity on our plate (lol, pardon the pun) but there are great things to do during the day that will make your Valentine’s Day in the Riviera Maya special.

Visit a Less Traveled, More Intimate, Mayan Ruin

There is something magical about having a Mayan ruin site to yourself. This to me is a gift, considering the amount of tourists that visit Tulum, Chichen Itza, Coba and Uxmal. A favorite off the beaten path Mayan Ruin is Muyil, located south of Tulum on Hwy 307. Building 9 is my favorite place, a moss covered temple in the heart of the jungle. Other friends love the scenic look out tower that is located on the boardwalk into the Sian Ka’an. The view is glorious and unlike another view of the Biosphere.

Kayak in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere

The fresh water lagoons in the Sian Ka’an are a wonderful place to explore, and an even better place to enjoy just the two of you. You can have a guided tour with a certified tour guide, or you can rent a kayak and venture out into the Mayan channels. This is a great adventure day for a couple and lets you wander ancient areas without the intrusion of others.

Cocktails Overlooking the Caribbean

We are inundated with this visual in magazines, on the TV and in books. Romance defined by a view of water as you sip on cocktails. The Riviera Maya is just the place to experience this true form of romance first hand. With over 80 miles/130 kilometers of beaches your options for cocktails seaside are secure. Romance is guaranteed!

Splash Around In a Local Cenote

The Riviera Maya is known for its jungle sink holes; a fresh water source for Mayan communities, a historical spiritual pit documented in Mayan History, and a swimming hole for local families. There are popular cenotes and then there are hidden cenotes. We love finding the less popular hidden cenotes and enjoying them to ourselves. Some of our favorite cenotes are the Xcacel Cenote just off the beach in the jungle, Cenote Cristal just south of Tulum, or its neighbor Cenote Escondido. At the entrance to the Sian Kaan is an intimate cenote called Cenote Eric, a cenote very few know about.

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