Vacation Cocktails Do Not have Calories – Must Try Mexican Drinks

Iconic Mexican Cocktails and Drinks

We all know (and love) the margarita, a good old cerveza, or love Kahlua for an after dinner cocktail. But what are true Mexican cocktails? In the era of mixology, which cocktails are authentic and part of Mexico’s roots.

There are a few iconic Mexican cocktails that you will find in any bar in the Riviera Maya. These are national drinks, drinks that are at the heart of the country. Some may surprise you, some may not. Some just may have you running to the Riviera Maya to give one (or all) of these drinks a try.

Iconic Mexican Cocktails and Drinks

Chelada – This lime infused beer is a perfect day time drink. Rim your beer glass with salt, pour in an ounce (or add an amount to your liking) of fresh lime juice, then slowly pour in your beer. If you want to really make this a Mexican cocktail, add a bit of ice.

Michelada – Similar but different to the Chelada, this beer cocktail is a good hangover cure or the perfect drink with a few tacos. Mix Tabasco, Worcester sauce and soya sauce in a shot glass. Pour your beer into a glass, and add the salsa mixture. It is spicy and delicious. Many choose to rim their beer glass with Tajin, a salt and chile based seasoning that is better and more tasty than celery salt. Many like to add a bit of ice as well, on a hot day.

Ojo Rojo – This is another derivative of the two beer cocktails listed above. Put one ounce of clamato juice, a few dashes of both Worcester sauce and Tabasco, through in a bit of ice, then pour in your beer. It is spicy, fresh and tangy. Rim with tajin if you want it to have a bit more zest.

TnT – This is a nice change to a gin and tonic, the good old T & T. Tequila and tonic is a great combination and popular drink. By the way, if you have a look at the ingredients of Mexican tonic, there is no sugar, zero, but it is still nice and sweet. Use a Blanco, a Reposado, or an Anejo Tequila for this combination. Add a slice lime, a few ice cubes and you are good to go.

Coctel Adelita – The Mexican Martini from Veracruz-This martini is shaken and not stirred. Use 5 parts tequila to one part kahlua. Put in a martini shaker with ice, give it a shake and serve in a martini glass. The Reposado or Anejo tequila will give this cocktail a smoother finish.

Bloody Maria – This is the a basic bloody Mary made with tequila instead of vodka. Use your favorite Mary recipe and just exchange vodka for tequila.

This should get you started. When in Mexico….Do as the locals do. Give these cocktails and beer mixtures a try. The bartender will love that you know these national drinks!

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