Upcoming Vegan Market In Playa Del Carmen

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Vegan Festivals and Markets have gained a lot of popularity in Riviera Maya over the past few years. The interest is not only focused on food but also on hygiene products, beauty supplies, and clothing. It all started with animal rights activists and animal shelters. Soon it became important for residents and travelers to have healthy options for their lifestyles. Vegan Markets are scheduled at least 3 times during the year and Vegan festivals at least twice a year. Merida is also part of the vegan movement, with their own vegan restaurants and fairs. Along with the food options, there is also the increasing need to prevent the use of disposable products. The government is currently revising a couple of interesting laws that benefit sustainable tourism in the area. The Vegan markets in Playa del Carmen, Cancun and Merida have definitely made a difference in the Yucatan peninsula.

Not Just For Vegans

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Despite the common idea, vegan events, in general, are not just for vegan people. If anything, they are focused on bringing to non-vegans the option of learning more about this lifestyle. It is actually a welcoming ambiance surrounded by nonjudgmental visitors. Most of them feel curious and attracted by the food options. Others are interested in the conferences and information is provided. And the rest, well we just love making new friends and embracing the diversity that these type of events offer. It is true that all food and products are vegan, but the main reason is to deliver information and breaking the stereotypes. What you can find at the Vegan Market in Playa del Carmen is; lots of food (mostly Mexican), but also Argentinian, Italian and even French. Of course in its vegan version. Beauty and hygiene products. Second-hand clothing and accessories. Kid-friendly activities, live music, and conferences. And of course lots of friendly people and dogs.

The Perfect Location

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La Ceiba Park in Playa del Carmen is usually the host for these type of events. Is well known by everybody that the park is always supporting a local economy and events like this. This Vegan Market will be on July 29th from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and the entrance is completely free. We advise visitors to bring their own kitchen utensils (plate, fork, spoon, and cup). And also cash in pesos, since most of the food stands do not receive credit or debit cards. This is, of course, a family-friendly event. You can expect live acoustic singing, children activities, and dogs. All the information is provided in Spanish and English. Whatever question you have there is always someone willing to answer it. The Vegan market is full of visitors from everywhere!

Similar Upcoming Festivals

Vegan Tulum

If your traveling dates simply don´t match the date of the Vegan Market in Playa del Carmen, do not worry. There will be an even bigger event in Tulum called Tulum Veg Fest! This event will be held on August 3rd, 4th, and 5th in Central Park Tulum. Featuring several conferences and activities. Plus hundreds of vegan products and the best part is that vegans and non-vegans are equally welcomed too. If you need a full schedule of activities and events like this. Or need restaurant recommendations for specific dietary needs, don´t forget to contact us! Our USA phone is 512 782 9878. You can also e-mail our Concierge at [email protected]

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