Underwater Summer Camp

Underwater Summer Camp

This is how summer camp should be. Parents get a vacation and kids have an adventures. Well, this is the reality here in the Riviera Maya and Underwater Summer Camp can be done any day of the week!

I remember my memorable days of summer camp. Crafts, canoeing, camping, camp fires, and just being a kid or a teenager. But not all of us can afford 4 weeks at camp, and most parents are still stuck working grind while they ship off their kids summer camp. That is not a break for parents.

Traveling for a week or two to a vacation destination lets kids have a summer experience in natural surroundings, albeit a bit different from camp fires, horse back riding and crafts. As far as kids are concerned, this is a whole lot better. Parents get to take advantage of being off the clock, handing the kids over to their ‘dive instructor’ and taking a break for themselves. Seems like a win, win situation no?

I have to be careful as dive instructors are not babysitters, far from it, but they are great in engaging kids in an activity that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Snorkeling and diving are great sports for kids. They feel grown up, they feel empowered in the water. They can start snorkeling at any age, though we do suggest if you are going for snorkeling certification 8 years old is a good time to start classes. If they are keen water kids, they can obtain their junior open water dive certification at the age of 10.

Underwater Summer Camp – A Life Skill

So let’s do the math. regular day camp (no overnights) on average is $350 USD per week. Specialty camps like basketball camps, swimming camps, computer camp or chef camp are on average $700 USD per week. Overnight camp starts at $750 USD per week and can go as high as $1800 USD per week.

The flip side: Cost of your Open Water Certification is $400 USD, takes 4 days, and at the end your child is certified to dive (as long as they pass all the requirements). When you compare the price of either day camp or overnight camp to a trip south to get certified, it all starts to make sense.

When you head south for scuba camp, parents get a holiday, which you would pay for at some point during the year. Riviera Maya Accommodations are less expensive in the summer months so you will have more bang for your buck than if you traveled during spring break or Christmas. Everyone gets a break and everyone gets an adventure. Parents can chill your in villa rental, your kid gets to learn something incredible, and if parents are divers, the entire family can share in their passion together after the course is complete.

If you book a vacation for spring break, then added in a local summer camp for a week, your price would be higher than taking a one week break in the summer and having a scuba course in lieu of summer camp. Seems all economically sensible to travel to the Riviera Maya for underwater summer camp and give everyone a break!

What do you think. Does summer camp in the Riviera Maya make economic and adventure sense to your family? We are curious. These numbers are loud and clear to us, not sure if they are as loud and clear to you? Let us know.

Check out the dive centers on the Loco Gringo Directory  and find the best dive center for your kids underwater scuba camp…for one! Scuba lessons are arranged around your dates, with a maximum of six students per class.

If you are just looking for a super cool experience for your adolescent and want to forgo the parent vacation, the Spotted Drum Scuba Camp might be the ticket. Have a look at the program details for this overnight camp in the Riviera Maya.  This is a true overnight camp for your kid while they learn about the sea and explore the earth underwater.

Check out our Riviera Maya Dive Travel Guide  to see what you can explore underwater in the Mexican Caribbean.

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