Don’t be afraid to try something new in Mexico

Posted November 1, 2013 by Kay Walten in Riviera Maya Vacation Tips


November 1….whew…..and we are introducing a month of everything NEW! Yup, everything new and worth looking into in the Riviera Maya, Yucatan and Costa Maya. Get ready for a great trip planning month! The cities along the coast of the Caribbean and the cities in the interior have an interesting way of maintaining historical things to do and see but also find new things to do and see all the time. This change is what we love about where we live. Returning to the areas and restaurants that have become a favorite makes the area feel like home. Finding new things whether it be a newly discovered cenote, a new restaurant, or a new activity put a new kick in our step when we want to shake things up a bit. This is what makes the Yucatan Peninsula a fun place and an great place to be.

Shakin’ things up a bit…


If you are reading this post then you have discovered that LocoGringo has followed the pattern of everything new and launched a new website. Yup, it was time for a makeover and this was not a quick to the makeover specialist. Our new look was an international effort by a team of people dedicated to making your online experience with LocoGringo better than it ever was. Take a look around, see what’s new and know that LocoGringo is more than just a vacation rental site. This unique combination is what has continued to set LocoGringo apart from other websites and we think we just stepped things up a notch.

Once you have booked your vacation with us you will have access to some pretty cool vacation resources that make vacation planning a breeze. Check out our travel intineraries, ‘Ways to Play’,  the new blog ‘Local Scoop‘, the forums, the beach cam and the destination overviews. When you book a vacation rental with us you will have access to exclusive e-books, travel tips and recommendations and vacation reminders. Booking a vacation rental with LocoGringo is just the start of your vacation. We don’t stop at the booking process, we make this the beginning of a great journey!

New Local Tourism Directory for visitors and businesses


As we launched the new LocoGringo website we also launched a new tourism directory for everyone! Visitors and local businesses will benefit from this locally driven geo-location and review driven business directory. The difference in this local directory from other review sites online is that it is managed by local people who really know what is going on. The directory is new so be patient. It will take a bit of time for locals to get online and add their business, but people are keen to participate, so check it out. As we say in Mexico, poco a poco, little by little.

A new season awaits in the Riviera Maya, Costa Maya and Yucatan

When we started this process of looking at what was new, we thought it was going to be a task. What we have discovered is that each village, each city, each community is constantly updating, reviewing, enhancing and creating new things and processes so they can be better at what they do. Additionally, new chefs, new businesses, new shops are popping up throughout the area and generating a wonderful force within our communities. What we love to see is the enthusiasm for new….the enthusiasm for change, in both the private and public sectors. Local municipals governments have new mayors in charge who are keen to do more for their communities. Local citizens are also looking at where they can participate in their cities or villages and generate change in neighborhoods and communities. Local schools, local social services and local events are receiving some new energy from people who really want to participate in the place they call home.

Don’t be afraid to try something new!

try-something-new 2

We love to try new things and hope that our enthusiasm for ‘new’ catches on this month and throughout the season. If you know of something new that is happening, add it in our comments section. If you are looking for something new to do, just ask. Doing something new pulls you into the moment and shakes things up a bit….making life or a vacation exciting, rewarding and in some cases, just brings a huge smile to our face!

Check out our new website and let us know what you think!

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