Travesia Sagrada Maya-The Tradition Continues At Xcaret

Travesia Sagrada

As every year, Xcaret Eco Park keeps the traditions alive and with an amazing event. The Travesia Sagrada Maya has been one of the most expected activities of the year. Welcoming visitors from all over the globe. And fortifying the link between people in Cozumel and Riviera Maya. By creating an event that supports sustainable tourism. This is with no doubt something you would love to be part of. Xcaret Eco Park is proud to organize this event that continues bringing people together and keeping the Mayan traditions alive.

A Little History

Ixchel goddess

For the ones attending the Travesia Sagrada Maya for the first time, is important to know its origins. Over a thousand years in the ancient Mayan population, this journey would have a purpose. To embark an ocean journey from Playa del Carmen to Xcaret and once there present offerings and worship goddess Ixchel. According to the Mayans this goddess had power over fertility, prosperity and water. So with this ritual and pilgrimage they would have in return a good harvesting and prosperity in their lands. Ixchel was the goddess of the moon and she was represented with different features according each moon phase. The men and women chosen for the ceremony were merchants and pilgrims. This year Xcaret Eco Park will be celebrating the Travesia Sagrada Maya number twelve.

The Wild Journey

Ocean Travesia Maya

Over 300 men and women are the chosen ones. An exclusive group of strong people who have gone through intense training to be part of this journey. On the first day the departure takes place at the creek in Xcaret Eco Park, very early in the morning. The departure initiates with a Mayan ritual, chanting and Mayan prayers. The departure from Xcaret Eco Park to Cozumel Island is about 31 kilometers long. Each canoe is taken by 10 people. It might seem easy but throughout the entire journey they have to be strong enough to handle heat and sun. They are also trained to reverse a capsized canoe in the middle of the ocean. Once they arrive to Cozumel another ceremony takes place. The crowd welcomes the canoers and offer them food and drinks. After they get some rest the ceremony starts to worship goddess Ixchel. The next day in the morning they join on another journey to return the same way back to Xcaret Eco Park. Where the Travesia Sagrada Maya finalizes.

Get Your Tickets And Be Part Of The Tradition

Ixchel worshiping

To be part of the Travesia Sagrada Maya you must purchase a ticket to enter Xcaret Eco Park. On May 25th you have to access the park between 4:00am and 5:00am to witness the departure of canoers. If you prefer to be part of the ceremony at Cozumel you can also buy the tickets inside Xcaret Eco Park. The ceremony in Cozumel will be at Chankanaab Park. The tickets there will be available at the Fundaci√≥n de Parques y Museos de la isla de Cozumel (or Parks and Museums Foundation of Cozumel Island). Any cab from the ferry station can take you there, and the place is open until 4:00pm. The arrival of the canoers to Xcaret for the final event will be on May 26th at 1:00pm. For that event you can also purchase your entrance to Xcaret Eco Park on-line. If you prefer you can also send an e-mail to: [email protected] so we can help you with reservations. The Travesia Sagrada Maya is an incredible event that anyone would love to be part of!

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