Traveling with Three Generations is Easier Than You Think

Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and Dad and then the kids. How the heck do you plan a large family vacation without losing your mind? Or your family? Cool thing is the Rivera Maya caters to families. Vacation rentals can be big enough to take anywhere from 8 to 20 family members. We are here to then support you through the vacation process. Seriously, we really do support you through the planning process to make sure you all have a great time and share great memories. No one will be left holding the vacation bag where you have to do all the planning or all the cooking!

How to Make a Family Vacation Not Just Good But Great!

Family vacations are bonding time. It is great to have time together, letting young children or teenagers bond with their grandparents and parents. This is also a wonderful opportunity to spend time with our own parents, something that gets more and difficult as we work and deal with kid activities.

Taking your family vacation from good to great requires a bit of planning and some great support. Vacation rentals have these supports in place, some included in the cost of your rental some as add-ons.

1. Grocery Delivery Service – Internet grocery shopping is alive and well in the Riviera Maya with a couple of companies specializing in vacation groceries. Order your groceries on line s few days before you arrive and they will be in your vacation rental by the time you land at your vacation rental! Sweet! This takes the hassle out of finding a grocery store and then lugging a load of food and booze to your property. Phew, one chore out of the way.

2. Hire a chef or book a rental that has a chef included. One of the biggest and more time consuming tasks is cooking. When a large family gets together it is cheaper (and easier) to eat poolside then gather everyone together for breakfast, lunch and dinner at local restaurants. Check and see if your vacation rental includes a chef, or if you need to hire a chef for your meals. Prices are fair and the chef will clean up!

3. Speak with our concierge to arrange day trips, local tours or even restaurant reservations. Paulina is there for you, and she is great at making sound suggestions for family trips, a special outing or just a restaurant reservation. This service is free and at your disposal before or during your trip.

The Little Things Make all the Difference

Vacations are for everyone, not just the kids and not just the parents. Everyone deserves ample hammock, beach and happy hour time. Taking care of these three items listed above is what makes a vacation go from good to great. But be forewarned. Once you have a trip like this it is hard to go back! Give it a try and let us know which service if not all services were the most valuable for your family vacation.

Contact Paulina to help arrange your next family vacation.

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