One of the things we are passionate about is helping others while enjoying our holidays. Thankfully it is a passion we get to share with many of our travelers. There are many inquiries we receive on a daily basis about information on animal shelters in Riviera Maya. And it is a shame that is not very easy for our travelers to access this information on touristic pages. There are tons of ways to help local shelters and very easy to contact them and visit them too. We have gathered the details on the top animal shelters that are currently rescuing animals in Riviera Maya Mexico.

Tierra De Animales

dogs tierra de animales

One of the pioneers in rescuing animals in Cancun and Riviera Maya was Ricardo Pimentel. He and his family started this amazing and hard work of rescuing animals. He started with feral cats and stray dogs who were in terrible conditions, left on roads or with abusive families. But he soon began to provide help for horses, pigs, chickens, and any other animal that was in need. His vegan lifestyle and huge heart made room for almost any living creature that needs from him. So far his animal sanctuary Tierra de Animales is the home of more than 400 animals of all species. They receive no help from government or local authorities relying only on donations. And depend on Social Media platforms, vegan events and conferences at local schools to raise awareness and get noticed. You can help by sharing this information with family and friends, bringing food to the sanctuary, or sending a donation. Donations are easier to send if you use Paypal, you can also find other methods by visiting the main website of Tierra de Animales.

Riviera Rescue

dog meeting Riviera Rescue

Based in Puerto Morelos, Riviera Rescue has become the home for many abandoned cats and dogs that were injured, abused and/or sick. Matteo Saucedo is the founder of this beautiful project that started a few years ago and helps many dogs and cats in need. The easiest way to support them is by finding new homes for the dogs and cats that are ready for adoption. But you can also bring food, medicine or other donations. Another way to support Matteo is by purchasing an awesome painting of your pet. I Love Perrito is the Facebook page where you can see his amazing artwork, tons of wonderful paintings of pets. All paintings can be shipped to the States and make a perfect one-of-a-kind souvenir. Riviera Rescue is currently in renovations to create a new area that will provide lodging for visitors. A nice and comfortable place in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by beautiful creatures in exchange for volunteer work or donations.

SOS El Arca

SOS el arca

Very few people have the strength to visit the local dog pound, it is heartbreaking to see many sad faces waiting for someone to rescue them. This is how SOS el Arca started when Sylvie Goetz had nothing but her willingness to help and her endless love for dogs. She first started to take the dogs from the dog pound to her home. But after realizing that there wasn’t enough space, she decided to open a dog shelter. SOS el Arca has seen many dogs and luckily the majority of them have been adopted. This dog shelter is located in Playa del Carmen, is easy to access and volunteer work is always welcome. Especially to walk the dogs on 5th Avenue to promote adoptions, raise awareness and give them a little love. Just like the other animal shelters, SOS el Arca relies only on donations and volunteers. On Saturdays, the shelter welcomes volunteers who give the dogs a nice bath and walk them. Dog food and medicine or cleaning products to keep the shelter in good conditions are also appreciated.

If donations and volunteer work are not enough for you, there is always the option to adopt.
You would be surprised at how easy it is to adopt a dog in Riviera Maya. The local shelters are prepared to advise new families who want to adopt a shelter dog. International adoptions are now easy and stress-free with the expertise of the staff. From paperwork to practical traveling for you and your new family member, it is a fun and heartwarming process. If you are interested in helping in any way (really, anything is greatly appreciated), please contact us to provide further details and information about these shelters. A huge thank you in advance for caring.

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