Traditional Temazcal Ceremonies At Azulik In Tulum

Azulik tulum

We are permanently in love with wellness activities and events in the South part of Riviera Maya. There is something so relaxing in the combination of the beautiful locations and the tradition carried by local treatments. And the Temazcal (or Mayan sweat lodge), is on the top of our list for being a ritual so complete. During the next weeks, we are finally able to attend a Temazcal and be part of this incredible ceremony. Azulik Hotel & Restaurant will be the host and is very easy to get your tickets and discover a new way of traditional relaxation.

A Taste Of The Culture


The mystical vibe found in the jungle side of Tulum town only adds up to any spiritual ceremony. You can imagine how amazing it will be a Temazcal retreat right in the heart of the jungle, with all those incredible sounds, scents, and natural noises. In addition to this, the residents put that extra touch in every service they offer. As a result, visitors spend an unforgettable experience no matter what service they search. Azulik Hotel & Restaurant is an extension of incredible friendly local people and high-end facilities, to create the perfect atmosphere. If this is your first time in the area, what a better way to discover the local culture while you pamper yourself.

Traditional Mayan Lodge


With hot stones and a mix of different herbs, the Xaman (or Mayan priest) leads the ceremony. The cleanse is not just physical but also mental and spiritual. During the steaming process, you can hear diverse Xamanic songs and might see some dancing. This is the original way, the traditional Mayan lodge or Temazcal, which was passed from generations to generations. This ancient ritual purifies every pore on your skin while also relaxes your muscles. This spiritual cleanse is commonly used by Mayans, local people, and visitors, for renewing their minds and bodies.

Stunning Location

Azulik room

Azulik is one of the best (if not the best) restaurants in Tulum. Their incredible facilities with breathtaking views will transport you to a different dimension. Everything is beautifully kept in complete harmony with nature and natural surroundings. Tulum is incredibly beautiful on its own, but Azulik Hotel & Restaurant adds that chic and magical ambiance.
For those who cannot make it for the Temazcal on the 25th, you can still catch it on August 29th and September 1st. from 10:00am to 11:30am and another session from 5:00pm to 6:30pm. Tickets start at 2,400.00 pesos per person, and you can purchase them online or directly at Azulik restaurant.
If you don’t have your car, let us find the perfect private transportation to attend with your family or friends. We are currently receiving all inquiries at [email protected]
Don’t miss the opportunity of visiting Tulum enigmatic town, and enjoy a deep cleanse spiritually, mentally, and physically.

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