What’s new for travel in 2019?

It’s a loaded question, and the answer depends on to whom you speak. Some travel forecasters base their trends on the taste of millennials while others base their predictions on hotel capacity and which airports see the most visitors.

No matter what your measuring stick the Riviera Maya will continue to be a popular international destination because of its stunning scenery, history, vibrant culture, and environmental diversity. These are among the many reasons why the Cancun International Airport recently welcomed its 25th million visitor and announced 30 new routes from the United States, Germany, Russia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Belgium.

The Riviera Maya’s world-renowned beaches, eco-parks, golf courses, and other attractions routinely appear on “Top Ten” lists in Travel + Leisure, Golf, and Trip Advisor. Also, The Zoe Report, a women’s fashion and lifestyle website founded by tastemaker Rachel Zoe, recently published its list of travel trends for 2019.

In particular, The Zoe Report’s predictions for this year struck us at Loco Gringo because many of the trends, such as “experiences over objects” already exist in the vacation experiences available in the Riviera Maya and Yucatan. Using The Zoe Report’s travel trend list as a starting point, here are our five reasons why the Riviera Maya will continue to be a hot destination in the coming year.

Unique Accommodations

The accommodation or hotel has now become the destination rather than the starting place.

Also, more than half (58 percent) of millennials consider how vacation accommodations look on their social media when booking, according to the travel experts interviewed in The Zoe Report.

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Experiences Over Objects

Travel experts say the philosophy of “valuing experiences over physical objects” is reflected in today’s travel trends.

Experiences in 2018 touched on passion points like meditation, horseback riding, sunsets, pizza, and jazz and travel experts say they expect that trend to continue in 2019.

From hiking through ancient Mayan ruins to exploring cenotes as part of a biodiverse, underground river system, the Riviera Maya is made for unforgettable experiences. Snorkeling, yoga and wellness retreats, and community tours are also available in the Riviera Maya.

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Food Tourism

Food tourism was on the rise in 2018 and will continue to be a top trend this year, as “travelers look to experience the food fusions that reflect the modern culture of the destination,” said Dom Scarlett, a travel expert at Travel Pirates, a European-based online travel company, in The Zoe Report forecast.

The Yucatan, which includes the Riviera Maya, was recently named as one of Mexico’s top destinations for food tourism. Yucatan cuisine has distinct ingredients and flavors such as cochinita pibil, papadzules, Sopa de Lima, and Xtabentún. These unique dishes defined the region’s culinary character and earned the region a spot on a list of places ripe for food tourism, along with the Mexican states of Veracruz, Oaxaca, and Hidalgo.

You can sample the Riviera Maya’s distinctive flavors by visiting the taco and salbute stands dotting the town square of Playa del Carmen, the many extraordinary restaurants in the region, taking a cooking class, or employing the services of a private chef.

Off-Peak Will Be On

The rise of more affordable international flights from the U.S. has led to an increase in travel, Scarlett said in The Zoe Report, which is particularly appealing to budget-conscious tourists.

“The catch used to be that many of these $99 one-way flights sent you abroad in the ‘off-peak’ season…where the weather’s cool, the bookings available, and crowds minimal,” Scarlett said. “Sounds not so ‘off,” right?”

In the Riviera Maya, the “high” or “peak-season” usually coincides with the times that kids are out of school. Holiday breaks such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, March and April, and July and August. President’s Day Weekend, which will be observed this year on February 18, is also a popular time for American tourists to visit.

The “shoulder” season occurs during January, February, May, and June and “low” or “off-season’ here is in September and October.

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Tech Detox

While social media has inspired travelers to discover and document off-the-beaten-path locations, millennial travelers especially, want places where they can escape from technology.

In an increasingly connected world, more travelers are seeking to ditch their devices, get off the grid, and enjoy the beauty surrounding them.

Not too long ago, local Akumal residents had to travel to Playa del Carmen on a two-lane highway to make international telephone calls. Getting off the grid in the Riviera Maya is relatively easy. Eco-friendly vacations are one of our passions. If you are seeking destinations and vacation rentals that preserve the local environmental and cultural diversity, let us help.

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