Paddleboarder Tony Schaefer is a Stand Up Guy

When this week’s guest, Tony Schaefer, and his wife bought their home in Puerto Aventuras in the early 2000’s, he had never heard of paddleboarding. While sitting on the beach one day, Tony saw what appeared to be someone walking on the water. It was a paddleboarder. He says it was love at first sight. He has been passionate about the sport ever since.

He ordered a couple of paddleboards and quickly found a friend who shared his enthusiasm for the serene, zen-like feeling that came from being on top of the ocean. When his paddle boarding companion, Tony Johnson was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer, Tony was devastated.

In honor of his friend’s voracity to find a cure for his illness, Tony is creating a paddleboarding event to help raise $500,000 for cancer research for the Tony Johnson Memorial at University of Calgary. The event is gaining support from paddleboarders from Calgary, the U.S., and the local Riviera Maya paddleboarding community.

If you are interested in coming to the area to participate in the event and want an authentic Mexican experience, Tony recommends visiting:

For authentic local foods that support the local economy, Tony recommends getting a taco from one of the many vendors that line the streets. Or, for a scrumptious meal with plenty of green chilies, visit The Pub in Puerto Aventuras and the Naughty Burrito.

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